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How to apply for undergraduate and foundation courses

Applying to university can be a daunting prospect. We’ve put together some useful information to make the application process as easy for you as possible.

Before you apply

Visit one of our undergraduate open days. These are a great way to get an understanding of life on campus and find out what you’ll be doing on your chosen course.

How to apply

All applications for full-time undergraduate courses must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). 

Our institution code is B84 BRUNL.

UCAS allows you to apply for up to five courses per year. If you wish to apply for more than one course with us, you’ll normally have to make a separate entry for each choice.

You’ll need to write a personal statement that explains why you want to do the courses you’ve applied for. See our top tips for your Personal Statement. 

If you're an international applicant applying through one of our registered agents you may be applying to us directly through our online agent facility. Please note we can only consider direct online applications through agents if you have not applied through UCAS and will not apply through UCAS for this year of entry. To find a Brunel University London registered agent in your country please check our specific country pages.

Key dates

1 September

Applications can be submitted to UCAS for entry in autumn the following year. 

15 January

This is the UCAS deadline for the receipt of on-time applications for both Home/EU and International applicants. 

30 June

This is the UCAS deadline for late applications. 

5 July

Applications after the 30 June automatically go into Clearing, but are considered at our discretion once all on-time applications have been considered.

How to apply through Clearing

You can apply through Clearing if you didn't receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept) or didn't meet the conditions of your offers. Once you have decided which course you are interested in and have your results, you should get in touch with us to discuss your options and to get a provisional offer. You can do this by giving us a call on 01895 272 273. 

If you haven’t applied through UCAS yet, then you can apply online to UCAS after you have your provisional offer from us or you can just apply fully to us through UCAS.

If you’ve already accepted an offer through UCAS at another university, you’ll need to let them know so they’ll release you into Clearing. If you are already in Clearing, your status in UCAS Track will reflect this. 

Remember to have your UCAS Personal ID number and your exam results to hand before you call.

Applying for part-time degree courses

Some of our courses are available by part-time study. Applications will need to be made online directly to us. Please use our course finder to locate the course web page you’re looking to apply to, and then navigate to the ‘Apply Part-Time’ link on the right hand side of the course page.

Applying for Erasmus courses

If you wish to spend time at our University as part of Erasmus from your home university, please read our Erasmus webpages for information on our Erasmus courses and how to apply.

Applying for Foundation courses

Brunel Pathway College works in partnership with Brunel University London to provide you with an alternative pathway to study certain undergraduate courses at Brunel.

EU and International students who do not meet the entry requirements to study certain courses at Brunel, will be offered the opportunity to study at London Brunel International College.

To apply for a course at Brunel Pathway College, complete our online application form. Before you submit your application, please make sure that:

  • You know which pathway you want to study, and which date you want to start.
  • You have electronic copies of your academic transcripts, which you will need to attach to your online application.

Applicants employed in industry

If you’re employed in industry, and hope to be sponsored by your employer to study on a course listed on the UCAS website, you must apply through UCAS in the normal way. If, however you wish to apply to us only, you or your employer may want to contact us directly in the first instance before submitting your UCAS form.

Applying for second year entry

If you’re interested in applying for direct entry into the second year of a course, please contact us directly to discuss whether it will be possible and your specific requirements if applicable. Typically, applicants will be required to meet the first year entry criteria.


Transferring is where an applicant who is already studying at another University wishes to leave that institution and come to Brunel to join a programme similar to what they are already doing. The University’s policy on transferring, including students transferring out of Brunel and between Brunel programmes, can be found here.

Applicants who are under 18

In accordance with our Admissions Policy, we’re happy to welcome students who are over 16 but under 18. For more information please visit our applicants who are under 18 page. 

Mature students

We welcome applications from mature students. For more information please visit our mature students page.

Students with disabilities

We welcome applications from disabled people and those with specific learning difficulties. It is helpful to us if, when completing your UCAS form, you disclose information about your disability so we can discuss and plan with you the appropriate support, safety and facilities you may require. We can also discuss any safety issues, particularly those associated with laboratory-based activities, should you come and study here. For more information, please see Disability and Dyslexia Service.