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7 tips for making successful calls during Clearing

Posted: May 02 2019

Ruthie, Mathematics

You’ve identified the courses and universities you’re interested in applying to. Now you’re ready to start making your calls. It’s important to remain calm and prepare for a successful call, helping to secure your offer. I came to Brunel successfully through Adjustment and have a few top tips below to help you along the way.  

1. Don’t give up

If you’ve just missed your grades, don’t despair. Give your chosen university a call as they may accept you through Clearing.

2. Have your details on-hand

Always have your Clearing number from UCAS Track nearby as well as your student number and exam results when phoning universities. This will ensure you’re not scrambling around looking for your details and you remain composed.

3. Make sure you have a pen and pad

As well as having your details ready, you should always have a pen and paper to hand. This will allow you to make notes during your calls or jot down any essential next steps.

4. Quench your thirst and clear your throat

Ensure you have a glass of water close by as you will need to answer a few questions regarding your grades achieved and suitability.

5. Find a quiet spot to make your calls

Make sure you’re composed and calm when phoning, in a place you feel comfortable and can clearly hear what the Admissions team are saying. You also want to be sure that they can hear you so all the correct notes are taken and the best decisions are made.

6. Call the Clearing hotline yourself

The university will want to talk to you and can only make an offer to you directly.

7. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged

If a university wants to ring you back, you don’t want to miss that vital call! Make sure your phone is fully charged and the volume is on. Remember, you can talk to as many universities as you like during Clearing and Adjustment. However, you can only add one Clearing choice at a time on UCAS Track. If you’re happy with the offer, make sure you accept within the timeframe the university has given you (normally around 24 hours) so you can take the next step in securing your accommodation.