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External Funding 2021/22


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Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Postgraduate Research

Social Work Bursary 2021/22

Do you need financial support to study Social Work at Brunel? You may have the opportunity to apply for NHS grants to help you with your studies and living costs.

The NHS offer Social Work bursaries which range in value and they do not need to be paid back.

The bursary is:

  • Only available to students who meet the course and residency criteria
  • Limited (or capped) so there’s only a certain number available each academic year
  • Paid into your bank account at the start of each term
  • Available to students who normally live in England.

You can find out more about the social work bursary, including eligibility criteria and bursary amounts, here. It is also advisable to contact the NHS bursaries support line on 0300 330 1342 to find out more.

Due to a limited amount of bursaries available, Brunel recommend students who should be given priory consideration for the bursary using the following criteria:

1) Undergraduate final qualifications

2) Relevant work or volunteering experience

3) Performance during our selection event/interview stage

4) Accepting our offer of a place on the course (the sooner the better).

Those who are not initially recommended are assessed in the same way and added to a waiting list should a place on the bursary list become available.

We’re proud that 100 per cent of students who started the Social Work MA at Brunel in 2019 received an NHS bursary – a reflection of the exceptional standing of our well-established programme.

To find out more about social work at Brunel, please click here.

Flynn Product Design Scholarship 2021

Scholarship details: The scholarship is open to students enrolled onto a full time Industrial/ Product Design/ Design Entrepreneurship and closely related Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree program.

Value: £1000 cash prize and work experience.


  1. All applicants must be enrolled onto a full time course in Product Design/ Industrial Design/ Design Entrepreneurship and closely related Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree program.
  2. Applicants must have at least one term left until their graduation. 
  3. Flynn Product Design want to hear from graduates predicted at least a 2:1 or B grade average (or higher). 
  4. The graduate scheme can only be awarded to an individual once (repeat applications will not be considered).

Please visit: https://flynn-product-design.com/scholarship for further information. 

Application process: All applications must download an application form from the above scholarship page and then submit the application via email to: scholarship@flynn-product-design.com


The Kennedy Memorial Trust 2020/21

The Kennedy Memorial Trust offers scholarships for British graduates wanting to study at Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The award offers full tuition fees, health insurance, a means tested tax free stipend of up to $26,000, contribution towards flights and more.

For more information and to apply online visit www.kennedytrust.org.uk.