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UK Government tops world's index but are organisations ready for AI?

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Whether automating business processes, providing insights from data analysis or interacting with customers and employees, AI helps organisations achieve their objectives by analysing their environment, learning from data and taking decisions with some degree of autonomy.

Professor Ashley Braganza and Dr Weifeng Chen from the Centre for AI at Brunel University London, are conducting a survey to investigate the organisational readiness for Artificial Intelligence and the extent to which organisations are prepared for the implementation of machines capable of such intelligent behaviours.

Prof Braganza calls on executives to take part:

“We want to hear from organisations in the public, private and third sectors to get a picture of what’s happening on the ground in various sectors and countries. Our initial studies illuminated a concerning lack of preparedness for AI in organisations. Your contribution to the survey will help us understand the extent to which not only your organisation but also entire sectors are ready. This in turn will shape future research and recommendations for organisations and policymakers.”
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AI readiness in UK second in the world

Oxford Index published its Government AI Readiness Index 2020. This report ranks the UK as being second in the world (after the US) and first in Europe for AI Readiness. The Index measures a country’s readiness to implement AI in the delivery of public services to its citizens. Readiness, for the purposes of this report, refers to the capabilities and enabling factors that governments put in place to be ready to implement AI. These capabilities and enabling factors are measured using a wide variety of historic data sources.  These include World Bank reports, OECD reports, UN Surveys and Reports and a range of published indices and databases. These data are based on several indicators that are amalgamated into specific dimensions of capabilities and enabling factors. Whereas, the Oxford and other studies take a macroeconomic perspective based on secondary data sources, we want to hear from organisations directly.

Organisational AI Readiness Survey

Your contribution to the survey will illuminate the extent to which individual organisations and whole sectors are ready for AI. This study has been approved by Brunel University London’s Research Ethics Committee. The survey does not gather any personal information other than an email address which is an optional field that can be left blank.

Complete the survey here

Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Brunel’s Centre for AI: Social and Digital Innovation was established in 2018 with the aim of understanding the effects of AI at three interconnected levels:  Society, Organisations and Individuals.  The Centre’s strength is its interdisciplinary approach – it draws together experts from over twelve disciplines exemplified by marketing, ethics, engineering, HR, law, health, sustainability, leadership and computer science. 

Reported by:

Prof Ashley Braganza