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Brunel experts in ICT for Power Systems chair international tutorial for CIGRE in China

CIGRE Chendu 2019
Professor Maozhen Li and Professor Gareth Taylor

CIGRE, established in 1912 in France, is a global community of thousands of professionals from over 90 countries and 1250 member organisations. It aims to solve existing and future challenges facing power systems, by working as a world’s preeminent source of expertise.

Professor Taylor is the UK elected representative and member of the International CIGRE Study Committee D2 ‘Information Systems and Telecommunication', offering diverse technical perspective and expertise in the field of information systems and telecommunication.

During the recent CIGRE Chengdu Symposium 2019 20-26th September 2019, Professor Gareth Taylor and Professor Maozhen Li organised and chaired an international tutorial SC D2: Enhanced Information and Data Exchange to Enable Future Transmission and Distribution Interoperability. Prof Taylor was also a speaker at the China Day during the symposium.

Professor Taylor and Professor Li shared with CIGRE’s esteemed participants the progress on the 4.5million euros European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme project TDX-ASSIST – a European project with 12 partners across 6 countries. The project aims to design and develop novel Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and techniques that facilitate scalable and secure information systems and data exchange between Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Distribution System Operator (DSO).

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