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LEAP-Lab Team

About us

We are a team of internationally-recognised researchers with the aim to understand and improve the performance and learning of complex, dynamic skills across a range of domains from expert performance in sport to everyday activities such as driving and walking. 

Our research team has three main objectives:

  1. Examine the skills that underpin performance including perceptual-cognitive skills (anticipation and decision making) and motor skills, and the relationship between perception and action.
  2. Investigate the moderating factors of these skills such as anxiety, pressure, physiological load, age and personality traits.
  3. Explore how we can enhance the learning of these skills such that they transfer effectively to the real-world environment.

Team members

Dr Daniel Bishop
Dr Daniel Bishop
Dan is focused on accelerated skill acquisition and decision-making; more specifically, how we may facilitate these processes by providing additional sensory and verbal information, at the right time and in the right way. This interest spans both the world of sport and also the clinical setting. Dan’s current and recent postgraduate students have been using eye tracking technology, neuroscience techniques (EEG, fMRI, TMS) and mixed methods approaches to this end.
Dr David Broadbent
Dr David Broadbent
David’s research focuses on expert performance and skill acquisition across numerous domains including sport, transport and the military. Specifically, David is interested in the skills that underpin expert performance, namely perceptual-cognitive skills, and how we can enhance these skills through training. A mixed-method approach is used to examine these questions including the use of video simulations, virtual reality, focus groups and also eye tracking.
Dr Adam Cocks
Dr Adam Cocks
Adam’s research interests are centred on the control of attention, vision, and movement. Specifically Adam examines how factors such as anxiety and personality traits impact visual attention and movement. This research is applied to a number of domains, including sports performance and fall-risk in older adults/clinical populations. Adam uses motion capture, gait analysis and eye tracking technology to address these research questions.


A selection of our past and present PhD projects

Title of thesis

Student name 



Anticipating others’ intensions: The role of probabilistic information in soccer


Viktor Gredin

Primary Supervisor: Dr Daniel Bishop
Secondary Supervisor: Dr David Broadbent
External collaborators: Prof. Mark Williams (University of Utah)

Decision Making in Gaelic Football: From Testing to Training

Emma McLoughlin

Primary Supervisor: Dr David Broadbent
Secondary Supervisor: Dr Dan Bishop
External Collaborators: Dr Noel Kinrade (Nottingham Trent University) Dr Ed Coughlan (Cork Institute of Technology)

The effects of sonification on motor imagery ability

Fabio Castro

Primary Supervisor: Dr Dan Bishop
Secondary Supervisor: Dr Alex Nowicky

Contextual and dispositional influences on netball umpires’ decision making

Adele Burnett

Primary Supervisor: Dr Dan Bishop 
External Collaborators: Dr Noel Kinrade (Nottingham Trent University)

The relationship between gaze and information pickup during action observation

Giorgia D’Innocenzo

Primary Supervisor: Dr Dan Bishop 
Secondary Supervisor: Dr Alex Nowicky

Contact us

We welcome enquiries and requests for collaborations. Please get in touch with our team using the links in each profile above.

Our address

Brunel University London
Kingston Lane

Sat Nav users: Please enter the road address (Kingston Lane) and the postcode (UB8 3PN). You will be directed to Kingston Lane, which is very close to our main entrance. From there, please follow the signs.