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X-ray Techniques

ETC also hosts a number of X-ray techniques which provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of crystalline material characteristics and mechanical properties.

Sing Cry Diff

Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction

Rigaku Oxford single crystal X-ray diffractometer for elucidating molecular and solid-state structures

Our single crystal X-ray diffractometer allows for complete structural characterisation by providing a complete three-dimensional structure showing molecular and solid-state identity, conformation and stereochemistry.

  • Dual wavelength Cu/Ag high flux micro-focus X-ray source
  • Atlas CCD detector
  • Temperature range 80K - 500K
  • Up to 20GPa applied pressure



XRD 02

X-Ray Diffraction

Identification and analysis of crystalline materials

Our X-Ray diffraction facilities include copper, molybdenum and chromium tubes. The equipment has two setting for routine phase identification and a ¼ cradle setting for residual stress, multi-layer and polar analyses.

  • Copper for routine analyses
  • Molybdenum for materials with small unit cells
  • Chromium for residual stress analyses



X-ray Fluorescence

Oxford instruments ED2000 for high resolution elemental detection

Trace elements can be detected using our Oxford instruments ED2000 fitted with a silver tube and a variety of aluminium filters for analysis in air or helium.

  • Elemental and chemical analysis
  • Detect at a parts per million level