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Electron Microscopy

ETC Brunel hosts an extensive electron microscopy suite comprising of a state of the art TEM, as well as a FIB-SEM, FEG-SEM and tungsten thermo-ionic emission SEM's. The Zeiss Supra and Crossbeam are ultra-high performance field emission scanning electron microscopes, with both high-vacuum and variable operating pressure (VP) capability.

TEM 21

Jeol 2100F

Top range scanning TEM with CL and EELS

The Jeol 2100F Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope is a state of the art high resolution microscope capable of imaging at the sub-nanometre scale and, when coupled with our Gatan Vulcan system for cathodoluminescence, it is a unique system within the UK and 1 of only a handful within the world. Together with the extensive preparation suite and FIB-SEM, the TEM is a highly useful analytical tool capable of analysing samples from many scientific disciples.

  • Gatan GIF Quantum Image Filtering/Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer
  • Thermo-Fisher Scientific Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer
  • Scanning TEM, for mapping features, including elemental and CL signal mapping
  • Electron diffraction, for crystalline information
  • Tomography, for 3 dimension TEM imaging.


FIB 03

Zeiss Crossbeam

FIB SEM for high resolution analysis and sample preparation for TEM and single crystal X-ray

The field emission source and Gemini column in this instrument result in a very high resolution capability. Added functionality of the gallium ion gun allows for advanced TEM sample preparation as well as 3D imaging and compositional analysis.

  • High Vacuum and variable pressure
  • 3D EBSD mapping
  • TEM sample preparation


Jeol IT200 2

Jeol IT200 LV

Jeol IT200 LV, fitted with Oxford EDS, AZtecLiveLite, Xplore 15

The increased manual operations of the Jeol IT200 LV provides improved teaching and instruction for those seeking further understanding. This more 'begginer freindly' setup, does not compromise the quality of analysis acheivable.

  • Jeol IT200 LV
  • Oxford EDS
  • AZtecLiveLite
  • Xplore 15


The SEMs at ETC are equipped with a selection of analytical techniques for material composition and phase detection. These include energy-dispersive x-ray analysis (EDX), back-scattered electron detection (BSE) and electron back-scattered diffraction (EBSD). The Zeiss Supra is also equipped with a cold stage allowing examination of moist materials. This combination of features enables optimum performance for a range of sample types.

Sup 01

Zeiss Supra 35VP

FEG-SEM capable of high resolution imaging, EDX analysis and EBSD mapping

LEO op

LEO 1455VP

A large chamber and Tungsten filament allows for a wide range of samples