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Additional facilities

Our facilities include complimentary techniques for measuring and characterising surface properties of materials such as; topography, tribological measurements and wettability.

AFM 02

Atomic force microscopy

Topographic quantification of nao and micro surface structures

Atomic force microscopy is ideal for analysing micro and nano-scale surface features, from surface roughness to micro friction and electrical properties.

  • Determine Ra and Rq values, as well as skewness and kurtosis
  • Measure electrical properties of the surface
  • From <1µm up to 100µm scan size
  • Maximum roughness (Z range) is up to 4.5µm


CA 10

Contact Angle / Surface Energy

Measure wettability and liquid properties

Our contact angle apparatus uses a high definition camera to allow for accurate measurements of hydrophobicity of a surface and surface energy and interfacial tension of fluids using a sessile drop method.

  • Measure surface energy of liquids
  • Interfacial Tension
  • Wettability of surfaces against various liquids

Our sample preparation suite has been developed to cater for a wide range of samples, be it metallic, polymer, ceramic, biological and geological. Our sample preparation suite includes:

polisher mount

Mounting, sectioning and polishing

Cold and hot mounting, diamond cutters and a range of grinders and polishers allow for preperation of many materials

Sputter coater

Sample coating

We can produce gold, platinum and carbon coatings using our sputter and metal evaporation coaters for high resolution analysis of non-conductive samples


PC 02

Sample cleaning

Our plasma cleaners and plasma asher helps remove volatile hydrocarbons for improved analysis

MT 02

Microtome and PIPS

Our plasma ion polisher and microtome allow us to prepare many materials for TEM analysis