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Group members

The expertise and strengths of the Group members include both, the experimental and analytical/numerical field focussing on various aspects of fluid flow and heat transfer, from the nano to the macro scale with applications to industrial thermal systems, aerospace, energy generation, process industries as well as carbon capture and utilisation.

Members of the Group specialise in both, fundamental and applied research in single and two-phase heat transfer with the latter involving both, pool and flow boiling and condensation processes.

Group leader




Visiting Academics

Professor John Thome
Emeritus Professor of Heat and Mass Transfer, Ecole Polytechique Fédérale de Lausanne & Technical Director, JJ Cooling Innovation Sarl
Professor David Reay
David Reay and Associates
Professor Simone Mancin
University of Padova
Professor Mohammad Kalbassi
Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering


Postdoctoral research fellows

Dr Mohamed Mahmoud
Dr Angela Mutumba
Dr Soraya Hosseini


PhD Researchers

Amira Sahar
Modelling of single- and two-phase flow in microchannels
Rand Al-Janabi
Flow Boiling in metallic micro heat exchanges for cooling of electronic equipment
Vivian Lee
Flow boiling in microchannels: Integrated thermal management system
Jason Kotsampasis
Surface effects on pool boiling
Mina Kerolos
Pool boiling on plain and enhanced surfaces
Martyn Smith
Cyber-secure predictive control for chemical plants
Mike Gorbounov
Activated carbon from waste biomass combustion residue in carbon capture
Ben Petrovic
Biomass combustion ash in carbon capture