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Pedagogy and Professional Education

Pedagogy, Policy and Professional Education (PPP) is an interdisciplinary research group drawing on a range of methodologies to explore curriculum theory, innovation, and the relation of culture and education in an international context. Particular research interests include educational leadership; higher education history and policy; ethics, character and moral education; the teaching of reading; oracy development; the relation of literature and education; language ideology and language learners; and reflective and ethical professional practice.

Research areas

Research topics include: teacher learning, professional creativity, policy, use of language, English subject knowledge, reflective practice, curriculum enhancement, and pedagogy.

Our members

Dr Ian Cushing
Education policy enactment; language policy; language stigma and prejudice; language surveillance and policing
Dr Ourania Filippakou
Higher education; globalisation and international education; critical pedagogy
Dr Cathy Gower
Teacher education policy and pedagogy, physical education policy and pedagogy.
Dr Andrew Green
Literature and education; Golden Age detective fiction; creative writing; A level English Literature; HE English studies
Dr Christopher Ince
Policy; policy Reform; power/ politics/ discourses; STEM
Dr Deborah Jones
Oracy development; children’s talk; gender and leadership in education
Dr Paula Zwozdiak-Myers
Reflective practice; professional development; social justice, equity and inclusion; character virtues; ethics in educational research
Dr Wayne Tennent
Children's reading comprehension; pedagogy; reading assessment; literacy


Our publications