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Group members

Group leader

Dr Sharifah Alwi
Sharifah is a Reader in Corporate Brand Management and currently heading the Research Group for Marketing and Corporate Brand Management Group (MCBM) at Brunel Business School. She is also a current Visiting Professor in Brand Management at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan Italy (since 2015) with special focus on corporate branding and societal within luxury sector. Her foundation in the field of branding and corporate brand management began at Manchester Business School, UK where she received her PhD. She published in several reputable journals among others: British Journal of Management, Business Ethics Quarterly, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business Research. Over the years, she has established several fruitful research partnerships with institutions and businesses across different industries and sectors within the UK, Italy and Malaysia. In particular, she is passionate about helping small business owners, company managers and university marketing administrator to differentiating and positioning their businesses and services from a corporate branding’s level perspective. Her recent works include developing firm strategic branding in SMEs and designing institution corporate brand identity using social media and technology. Research Interests: Corporate Branding at different levels/entities e.g.: Multinational, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Social Media and Not-for-Profit/Institution; Consumer Behaviour’s impact on Social Media Brand Strategy and Brand Equity


Group members and their expertise

Professor Dr John Balmer
Corporate Brands, Corporate Heritage, Corporate Identity, Corporate Marketing, Monarchical Marketing and Branding.
Professor Danae Manika
Knowledge-Behaviour Gap; Effective Message Construction for Behaviour Change; Information Processing & Persuasive Communication; Health Communication; Employee Pro-environmental Behaviour; Technology Adoption for Behaviour Change; Consumer Psychology; Social Marketing; Advertising
Dr Meng-Shan Sharon Wu
Luxury consumer behaviour, branding, digital marketing and consumer purchase intention
Professor Dorothy Yen
Destination branding and tourism behaviour; Sustainable consumption behaviour (e.g. food waste reduction); Migrants/immigrants as consumers, their acculturation and identity debates ; B2B relationships and B2B Marketing
Dr Geraldine Cohen
Healthy Ageing Practices / Holistic Healthy Ageing from a consumer-centric perspective; Healthy Ageing Ecosystems / Healthy Ageing communities of interests; Gamification for older adults
Dr Ana Canhoto
Digital technology in interactions between firms and their customers – e.g., customer service; Targeted interactions – e.g., algorithmic decision making, and personalisation.
Dr Gurdeep Kohli
Film branding, film marketing, consumer-centric marketing, consumer- brand identification, consumer-brand engagement, marketing communications, advertising, product placements and consumer behaviour
Dr Jessica Chelekis
Culture and sustainability in modern market systems. Anthropological perspectives on markets and marketing.
Dr Liyuan Wei
Pricing; innovation adoption; ethical consumption; consumer welfare and well-being
Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira
Materiality and consumption of counterfeit fashion goods; consumption risk management practices and social legitimacy; and serial brands collection and community engagement.
Dr Michael Heller
Employs the historic method in examining the rise of public relations, corporate communications and corporate branding in Britain in the inter war period with research focussing on the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Prudential, Royal Dutch Shell, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Royal Mail and the John Lewis Group.
Mr Pavel Laczko
Multi-sided platforms; Digital ecosystems; Business model innovation; Servitization
Dr Yousra Asaad
Social experience/shared value in consumption, sharing economy; Wellbeing, healthy ageing, social inclusion; Conscious consumption, Eastern philosophy, compassion and consumption
Dr Bidit Dey
The adoption and use of technologies in emerging economies and consumer acculturation and co-creation of value.
Dr Arthur Egwuonwu
Impact of "Distance" (e.g., psychic, cultural) on buyer-seller relationship, cultural intelligence on buyer–seller relationship, relational and financial performance, impact of blockchains and IoT in global value chain
Dr Vassilis Charitsis
Dr Vassilis Charitsis
Biopolitical Marketing; Data Economy; Consumer surveillance; Automated decision making; Digital consumer culture


Doctoral researchers

  • Sakina Hussain Al Lawati
  • Ahmed Ismail
  • Masoumeh Jahangiri
  •  Daniela Castillo 
  • Tala Almaghrabi 
  • Mulkie Al-Hashemi
  • Sidrah Mahboob 
  • Fawaz Alfahad 
  • Lalnunpuia Samuel 
  • Youssef Tarek Nasef