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About the group

Previously known as the Work and Organisation Research Centre (WORC), the HRM-OB Research Group has substantially developed and extended past themes to explore broader issues in employment relations, HRM, and performance at work. Led by Prof. Neil Anderson, the Group has a strong compliment of professors and readers at the senior level, with a healthy mix of mid-career and early-career academic staff and researchers. The group has continued to develop five main themes of research excellence in workplace innovation, diversity, team working, social inclusion, and employee selection.

Neil Anderson and Ana-Cristina Costa recently completed a 30-month Leverhulme Centre grant of approximately £90k, to explore innovation and psychological well-being, and have co-edited a prestigious series of edited collections with Sage Publications (industrial-organisational psychology; selection and performance; innovation and knowledge management). Recently they jointly won a NASA funded grant of approximately $30k to undertake a major review of team working in extreme circumstances and to advise the MARS mission at NASA over this multi-year funded project.

Across the five themes, the Group has produced a total of over 50 journal articles, numerous book chapters, and several books since 2014. Mustafa Ozbilgin won a £30k grant from ACCA to model the ESRC/ACCA business case for diversity in the UK and abroad, including Brazil, Russia, India and China. Ruth Simpson’s work on emotional labour has formed the basis of a case study on ‘emotional entrepreneurs’ and fringe theatre. Across the Group, members continue to publish in 4-star, and even 4-star ‘world elite’, journals in the HRM and OB/management sciences (e.g. Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Journal of Applied PsychologyHuman Relations, and British Journal of Management, among others). A number of our staff serve as Editors/Associate Editors and currently sit on the international editorial boards of top-tier journals in the fields of HRM/OB. Early-career staff within our Group have been successful in winning British Academy grants to explore different aspects of performance in the workplace. The Group thus continues to provide a vibrant and highly active research culture, to support its members in pursuing these high-quality input and output indicators, and to develop possible impact cases for future inclusion.