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Research opportunities for students

The overarching goal of the Design for Sustainability research group is to advance the knowledge and know-how in design for sustainability through generating theories, strategies and methods on how to design solutions that foster sustainability. We focus on different design scales, from materials and products to services, product-service systems, business models, bottom-up initiatives and socio-technical systems. We address sustainability challenges integrating: environmental aspects, including efficient use of resources, reduction of environmental impacts, and reduction of consumption levels; socio-ethical aspects, including equality, justice, cohesion, behaviour change, community empowerment, inclusivity and more in general quality of life; and economic aspects, including fostering circular economies, innovative business models and related supportive policies. We promote sustainability at local, national and global scale and tackle sustainability challenges through transdisciplinary and participatory research approaches. 

We welcome PhD candidates on topics related to design for sustainability, including but not limited to:

  • Product design for sustainability (including eco design, emotionally durable design and design for circular products)
  • Business model design for sustainability (including product-service system design and design for circular business models)
  • Design for socio-technical transitions (transition design)
  • Design for sustainable behaviour
  • Design for social innovation for sustainability
  • Design for the base of the pyramid (with a particular focus on energy and gender mainstreaming)
  • Design for distributed economies
  • Design for circular economy in the metal sector
  • Design for tackling (ocean) plastic pollution

Fully-funded studentships

Our funded studentships become available at different times of the year. Please keep checking our page regularly to see the latest funded opportunities. We also advertise all our funded studentships as soon as they become available on the @BrunelResearch twitter account.

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