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Professor Thomas Betteridge – Dean of College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Betteridge worked for ten years as a professional stage and production manager before entering academia. During this time... full profile

01895 267089

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Gaskell Building 146

Professor Johannes Birringer – Chair in Drama & Performance Technologies; Research lead for Theatre

Johannes Birringer joined Brunel University London's School of Arts (now College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences) in early... full profile

+44 (0)1895 267343

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Gaskell Building 105

Professor Sue Broadhurst – Director of Research; Professor of Performance and Technology

Sue is a writer and performance practitioner in the School of Arts, Brunel University, London. She has been at... full profile

01895 266588

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Gaskell Building 104

Dr Broderick Chow – Senior Lecturer in Theatre

Dr Broderick Chow is an artist-scholar with experience in numerous fields of the performing arts. He has been an... full profile

01895 265493

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Gaskell Building 111

Meretta Elliott – Head of Arts and Humanities

Meretta trained as an actress at the School of Theatre in Manchester and went on to complete an MA... full profile

01895 266567

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Gaskell Building 102

Dr Royona Mitra – Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Admissions Tutor

Royona is the author of Akram Khan: Dancing New Interculturalism (Palgrave, May 2015). She has a PhD from Royal... full profile

01895 266821

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Gaskell Building 112

Gavin Thatcher  – Lecturer (Education) in Theatre

Gavin is a Birmingham-based theatre maker, workshop leader, lecturer and researcher in the area of the body, movement and dramaturgy. .... full profile

01895 267403

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Gaskell Building 110

Dr Katerina Paramana – Lecturer in Theatre

Dr Katerina Paramana is an artist and scholar, and a Lecturer in Theatre at Brunel University London. Her performances,... full profile


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Gaskell Building 109

Dr Holly Maples  Senior Lecturer in Theatre /Theatre Admissions Tutor

Both a theatre practitioner and a scholar, she has performed in, and directed productions in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom ... full profile

01895 266580

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Gaskell Building 109

Dr Mary Richards – Vice-Dean for Education; Senior Lecturer in Theatre

Mary came to Brunel University London in September 2001 and completed her PhD Resisting the Limits of the Performing... full profile

01895 266570

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Gaskell Building 110

Fiona Templeton – Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Convenor of MA in Contemporary Performance Making

Fiona Templeton is an internationally recognised innovator in writing and directing for theatre and performance. She is currently Artistic... full profile

01895 266571

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Gaskell Building 113

Dr Emily Harrison - Lecturer (Education) in Theatre 

Emily Harrison is an actor, writer, director, and producer living in London, England/Boulder, Colorado.... full profile

 01895 265932  Email  Fiona Templeton  Gaskell Building 108

Stelarc [in absentia] - a performance artist 

Stelarc is a performance artist who has visually probed and acoustically amplified his body. He has used medical instruments, prosthetics, robotics, Virtual Reality systems, the Internet and ...full profile



Professor Steve Dixon [Emeritus]