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About us

Computer Science for Social Good (CSSG) Group is a transdisciplinary research group at the Department of Computer Science involving academics, researchers and specialists in the domain of computer science, social policy, information system and development studies.



The overarching aim of CSSG Group is to tackle the biggest social and economic challenges in the Global South through research, innovation, capacity building and engagement. Many social organisations, governments and community development agencies in the Global South are considering the adoption of technology to maximise efforts and deliver efficient and effective services to individuals, communities and organisations at the margins. Computer science fields such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Applications, Open Source Software, Drone Technology, Modelling and Blockchain Technology are increasingly becoming fundamental for developing innovative, cost-effective and life-changing solutions to existing and emerging social and economic challenges in the Global South to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Our objectives are to

  • (i) investigate and develop new ways (including tools) in which technologies can be leveraged to accomplish economic and social development goals,
  • (ii) provide need-based training and capacity building to ensure effective use and maximum impact on sustainable development, and
  • (iii) advance the theory and practice of CSSG in low resource settings.