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Research focus

We believe that Additive Manufacturing and 4D Printing will open new horizons for products and applications. 4D Printed parts offer actuation, without requiring external devices, power or electromechanical systems. This offers a more sustainable and compact product architecture; reduces assembly time by minimizing the need for motors, sensors or electronics during post-fabrication; and eliminates expensive components and failure-prone devices in mechanical electrical or robotic devices. To enable a greater uptake of 4D Printed parts, we conduct research in the following areas:

  • Computer-Aided-Design, Simulation and Interfaces for 4D Printing;
  • Functionally Graded Additive Manufacturing; Additive Manufacturing Processes for 4D Printing;
  • Mechanical Metamaterials; Programmable Materials and Stimuli-Responsive Materials for 4D Printing;
  • Mathematical Modelling; Predictive Computational Analysis for 4D Printing;
  • Artificial Intelligence; Generative Design for 4D Printing;
  • Applications and Products for 4D Printing.