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The Additive Manufacturing and 4D Printing Research Group seeks to conduct activities associated with Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) processes and programmable materials with the goal of developing 4D Printed applications. Additive Manufacturing allows complex and freeform parts to be produced with the use of stimuli-responsive materials that have the ability to change their shape. The 4th dimension is Time, allowing parts to have two states of configuration. 4D Printing is a multi-disciplinary subject comprising of Computer-Aided-Design, simulation, mathematics, material science, effects of stimuli and production methods. 

Our Mission is to aspire to be a leading Centre of Excellence for 4D Printing research, where design, materials and manufacturing interact effectively to accelerate the uptake of 4D Printing. Our group comprises of Doctoral Researchers, Postdoctoral Researchers, Visiting Academics and Partners working in tandem. We conduct research in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment. Please contact us through eujin.pei@brunel.ac.uk

Where to find us

Our research office is in Michael Sterling Building and lab facilities located in Tower A. We share our specialist lab equipment with other research groups and collaborate with the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Department of Life Sciences, and the Experimental Techniques Centre.

Contact us

Enquiries are very welcome from those who are keen to pursue postgraduate studies or research degrees regarding Additive Manufacturing, 4D Printing and Design. Please contact us through eujin.pei@brunel.ac.uk