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Research projects

Dr Nikolaos Antypas :

  • Acquisitions and the relationship with the labour work force
  • Market driven incentives of acquisitions
  • Macroeconomic determinants of merger waves
  • CEO performance and corporate governance 

John Aston

  • Predicting corporate failure and health using multi-variate analysis models and discriminant analysis models.
    • Stress management in UK universities, an analysis based on gender, age and teaching and non- teaching staff. 

Dr Jill Collis

  • Impact of changes in financial reporting requirements on small and micro-companies
  • Costs and benefits of digital reporting to small companies
  • Costs and benefits of voluntary audit
  • Responsiveness of auditors to audit risk standards 

Dr Nevine El-Tawy

  • Revisiting the role of the grounded theory research methodology in information systems research
  • Towards le-agile philosophy for management accounting practices in health care service
  • Integrated reporting 

Professor Robin Jarvis

  • FRS 102 and its impact on the performance as disclosed in financial reports of Medium Size companies
  • FRS 105: measuring the adoption of the standard with reference to size and industry
  • Payday lending and personal debt
  • SMEs and accounting for research and development costs
  • The advisory and support role of small and medium size practices of accountants (SMPs) 

Dr Monomita Nandy

  • Audit rotation
  • Media and earnings management;
  • Cosmetic earnings management;
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Corporate antecedents and capital market consequences of corporate governance choices of firms, particularly board related choices
  • Corporate antecedents and capital market consequences of corporate social responsibility related performance and disclosures of firms. 

Dr Radha Shiwakoti:

  • ‘Say-on-Pay’
  • Banks and Building Societies 

Dr  Grigorios Theodosopoulos:

  • Accounting for business models
  • Accounting education – with particular a focus on teaching accounting to non-specialist  students 

Research Grants/Funding On-going

Professor Robin Jarvis

  • FRS 105 - ACCA with Dr Monomita Nandy  
  • Say on Pay’ The British Academy Small Research Grants (with Dr Radha Shiwakoti) 

Dr Monomita Nandy

  • Mindfulness and future entrepreneurs; Brunel University London
  • FRS 105 - ACCA (with Professor Robin Jarvis)
  • Innovation in the public sector; Saudi Government 

Dr Radha Shiwakoti

  • ‘Say- on- Pay’ The British Academy Small Research Grants (with Professor Robin Jarvis)