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Research areas

Our research areas include:

The impact of European Directives and the regulation of financial reporting by SMEs. This area of research focuses on the impact on the reporting of performance of SMEs due to changes in financial reporting requirements. The work is supported by the accounting profession.

CEO performance and remuneration. This area of study includes investigating whether rules relating to ‘Say-on-Pay’ introduced in 2013 have been effective. This work is supported by the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and the British Academy.

Payday Lending and Personal Debt. Research pertaining to these two important concerns for civil society has been the subject of two parliamentary roundtables and evidence submitted by ACCA and other bodies to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This has resulted in capping the interest rates charged by payday lending companies.  The research has also been used by the Danish Consumer Council to lobby the Danish Government to regulate this market. 

Board Governance and Corporate Performance: This study examines the link between the monitoring capacity of the board and corporate performance of UK listed firms. It investigates how firms use the flexibility offered by the voluntary governance regime adopted in UK. The results of this research have been published by the UK Parliament Select Committee on Corporate Governance.

Environmental and social disclosures: Link with corporate financial performance: Environmental and social disclosures entail costs, yet increasingly, large listed firms are making higher and better quality disclosures. This study finds that contrary to the focus in the literature, it is the social (and not environmental) disclosures that are value relevant for investors in UK. Further analysis reveals that this link is driven by higher expected growth rates in the cash flows of such firms.