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Rushlight Awards Winner

Improved Cable Technology Project wins Rushlight Award

Dr Mohammed Darwish and his team, in partnership with enertechnos were recently awarded the group prize for the Rushlight Award for 'Energy Environmental'. The award is designed to celebrate and publicise the significant achievements in developing and improving the methods to produce and efficiencies in utilizing fuel, energy and power and to encourage the further development of and investment in the technology. It is awarded to the most significant achievement in reducing the impact on the environment from energy and power generation or end use, either directly or indirectly, for heat, power or fuel for transport purposes.

Rushlight award

Mr Ashkan Hajiloo (Engineer, enertechnos), Dr Mansour Salehi (Senior Engineer,enertechnos), and Dr Yang Yang (Research Fellow, Brunel University London)

More information about Dr Darwish's project can be found here. Please watch a presentation about the project below. 

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