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Dr Zobaa ranks in top 6% in EPSRC Peer Review


The Executive Chair of EPSRC personally recognised and thanked Dr Zobaa for his work as a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College, particularly during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Dr Zobaa achieved a ranking in the top 6% of College members for participating in peer review activities during the last academic year (2019/20); this is an outstanding contribution. His dedication to participating in peer review activities during this difficult time is very much appreciated.

The College is an important component of our peer review procedure and its members play a vital role in EPSRC’s ability to make robust funding decisions. They approach a wide variety of professionals to provide expert, independent, informed comments on research proposals and to participate in prioritisation panels. Dr Zobaa’s commitment to the College ensures they can continue to provide robust and effective support for UK research.

EPSRC, and colleagues in the research community, appreciate this commitment and it is true to say that the health of the UK research base has greatly benefited from Dr Zobaa’s participation.