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BCISS staff are available for a range of advisory and consultancy functions, both to government and to the private sector. At the moment, BCISS are engaged as partners to several significant endeavours of the British Ministry of Defence and other private partners:

  • BCISS Staff will serve as the core editing board for a forthcoming Defence Intelligence project, the Journal of Intelligence Analysis, part of a government-wide effort to professionalise the career stream of intelligence analysts
  • BCISS will assist the MoD’s Land Intelligence Fusion Centre with training and education packages.
  • BCISS assisted the European External Action Service’s Intelligence Analysis Centre with training in analytical methods.
  • BCISS partnered with the MOD's Development, Doctrine and Concepts Centre (DCDC) in the project to produce an updated Joint Intelligence Doctrine for the MOD.

Drs. Davies and Gustafson are able to speak authoritatively about current important issues dealing with UK security and intelligence, and with similar issues on a global scale. Dr. Gustafson maintains an additional expertise on US security and intelligence issues.


  • Raytheon UK: Uxbridge, UK
  • Olton Solutions: London, UK
  • Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth: Portsmouth, UK
  • Center for Intelligence and Security Studies, University of Mississippi: Oxford, Mississippi, USA