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About us

Brunel's Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies (BCISS) is a University inter-diciplinary research centre, established in the UK to deal specifically with intelligence issues, policy and institutions, to promote and develop social science and policy-oriented approaches to intelligence.

Our aims:

  • To provide a centre of excellence in research and publication in intelligence and security issues;
  • To develop and deliver a world-class graduate training programme in intelligence and security studies;
  • To pursue and engage in consultancy for the public and private sectors on intelligence-related matters; and
  • To contribute to public education and advise on intelligence issues through the news media and other public outreach media.

The BCISS Team conduct research in most areas connected with intelligence organisation, management, and analysis. Members of BCISS from other departments contribute to research in fields such as law (which governs the intelligence enterprise in Britain and other democratic states), engineering (which builds the tools used for collection) and cryptography (which protects our secrets). Within the Politics and History team at BCISS, expertise

  • Political sociology as it applies to institution-building and organisational design of intelligence agencies and communities
  • Theories of ‘intelligence culture’ and the practice of intelligence around the world
  • Military doctrine of intelligence, with a focus on UK practices
  • Analytical methods: the tools and practices of intelligence analysts
  • Intelligence history: how states have organised and practiced intelligence in the period since the bureaucratisation of intelligence, and earlier

Research environment

The BCISS Team really is a team: closely integrated academics, practitioners, doctoral candidates and other graduate students, all working on some aspect of the profession of intelligence. This level of cooperation leads to a supportive environment for research students and academics alike.