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An online research conference: the value of literature for education


On April 30th, the Global Lives Literature and Education research cluster offered an online research conference on the value of literature for education, hosted by Dr Andrew Green (CBASS Education) over Zoom.


We were early adopters of the ‘move-to-online’ conference option and over 30 teachers, research students and academics attended and participated in lively discussion. Scholars presenting their work on the intersection of literary studies and educational studies included:

  • Oliver Belas (University of Bedfordshire) Exercises in Style and/ of Conversations with the Dead
  • Philippa Campbell (Goldsmiths College) Campus Fiction and the Experience of Higher Education
  • Andrew Burn (University College London) Ludic Literature: Student re-imaginings of Shakespeare through video game design
  • Roger Dalrymple (Oxford Brookes University) Detective Fiction as a Literature of Learning 
  • David Aldridge (CBASS Education) The Value of Literature for Educational Practice

The day ended with a poetry reading on ‘Writing Myth and Nation’ by Brunel’s own Daljit Nagra.


Recordings of the day’s presentations can be found at here.