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Social Entrepreneurship in Education

Cluster Leader: Dr Cristina Stoian

The cluster aims to: (1) stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations between scholars in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Education from distinct CBASS departments of Brunel University London; (2) initiate research partnerships with scholars in Entrepreneurship and Education from other UK universities; (3) develop long-lasting links with social entrepreneurs in the education sector for who useful guidelines will be elaborated; (4) develop research funding applications and publications in the medium to long-term; and (5) involve early career researchers and postgraduate research students to build research capacity and enhance our research culture.

The cluster promotes opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary research across CBASS departments, as well as with other leading universities. Furthermore, the cluster helps its members to work in collaborations with social entrepreneurs and thus develop impactful research aimed at supporting social enterprises in their endeavours. In the medium to long term its members will be in a good position to develop high quality research projects which will enhance the expertise and prestige of our college and university.

Cluster Members: