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Mindfulness and Future Entrepreneurs

Cluster Leader: Dr Monomita Nandy 

This cluster engages in an interdisciplinary research dialogue to develop theory and practice on mindfulness in the creative and entrepreneurship process.  More specifically, the cluster focuses on how the practice of mindfulness can enhance engagement, performance and wellbeing of entrepreneurship students in higher education. Mindfulness influences the four stages of the creative process (Preparation, Incubation, Illumination and Verification). By practising mindfulness, entrepreneurship students can learn to balance the ‘freestyle’ and ‘control’ networks which can boost divergent creative thinking, and increase awareness and help with convergent thinking to successfully complete the creative process. Mindfulness training in higher education will help entrepreneurship students improve information processing ability and entrepreneurial skills required to generate innovative business ideas, as well as developing broader skills related to innovation and sustainability required for a successful entrepreneurial career. The cluster will kick off with a pilot project investigating the practice of mindfulness and mindful leadership on the creative process among entrepreneurship students at Brunel.

Cluster members