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About us

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (CES) aims to lead and promote interdisciplinary research on entrepreneurship, sustainability, creativity and innovation. Our focus is on how individuals, businesses and societies can tap into creative and entrepreneurial flair to develop innovative solutions, in order to not only create economic value, but also solve social and environmental problems.

Our research clusters focus on a range of topical issues, including social entrepreneurship, ethnic minority entrepreneurship, the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on entrepreneurship and sustainability, institutional impacts on entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging market economies, innovation and sustainability in a circular economy, and promoting students’ creativity and entrepreneurship through mindfulness practice.

Catherine Wang
CES encourages scholars and business leaders to engage in dialogues and collaboration. Through collaborative research, CES engages in knowledge creation and transfer as well as knowledge co-creation with stakeholders on contemporary entrepreneurship and sustainability issues.
Professor Catherine Wang, Director of The Centre of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability