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Power Ultrasonics

The Power Ultrasonic (PU) team of BIC is focused on the use of low frequency ultrasonic vibration (in the frequency range of 20 – 100 kHz) as a solution for many industrial problems. There is a wide range of applications where power ultrasonic can be used to cause effects such as heating, melting and cavitation for processes such as joining, cutting, defouling, material processing, sonochemistry respectively. The PU team aims to conduct world-class research and development on areas related to manufacturing, oil and gas, marine, renewable and medical industries.

Main focus of the research is dedicated for the development of low-cost power ultrasonic hardware i.e. power amplifier, transducer, array design, communication, and data analytics. It is vital to optimise the behaviour and the operation of the system depending on the application to maintain a low CAPEX and OPEX. Recently, PU team has branched out to study the possibility of dispersing nanomaterial within metals and composites at their liquid phase.   

The team underpins the existing strengths and experience at BIC in the area of power electronics and transducer development to expand via applied research and activities with industrial and academic associates.



  • Conduct state-of-the-art research on the application of power ultrasonic
  • Develop intelligent power ultrasonic system to optimise the operation
  • Undertake industrially oriented research projects
  • Secure a portfolio of research funding from external sponsors

Core Areas

  • Removal/prevention of hard/soft scale fouling 
  • Deicing
  • Material processing
  • Medical applications
  • Intelligent and automated system development
  • Hardware & software design and testing
  • Digital Signal Processing


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