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Monitoring of Critical Assets

The Monitoring Critical Assets (MCA) team is a technical team within Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC) combining the high temperature transduction and the structural and condition monitoring themes within BIC. The MCA team aims to conduct world-class research and develop novel solutions on areas related to manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, infrastructure, marine, renewable and conventional power industries.

Industrially oriented research on novel and traditional sensing technologies and condition monitoring techniques enabled by IoT and energy harvesting systems is the main focus of our current and future work. MCA aims to attract outstanding researchers interested in sensors, hardware and software for monitoring of critical components under harsh operating conditions.

The team underpins the existing strengths and experience at BIC in the area of Non Destructive Testing and expands them via applied research and activities with industrial and academic associates.



  • Undertake industrially oriented research projects
  • Secure a portfolio of research funding from external sponsors
  • Develop the next generation of structural health monitoring systems and techniques based on future research challenges and opportunities
  • Develop harsh environment sensing technologies (i.e. high temperatures up to 800°C)


Core Areas

  • Condition and Structural health monitoring
  • High temperature sensing technologies
  • Piezoelectric and Electromagnetic sensors
  • Hardware design and testing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Twin

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