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Research outputs

Journal Articles


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Books and book chapters

  • Bosher, H. Copyright in the Music Industry: A Practical Guide to Exploiting and Enforcing Rights (Edward Elgar) March 2021 Bosher, H. Law, Technology and Cognition (Routledge, 2019)
  • Nandy, M and Lodh, S (2020): Book Chapter: “Application of Artificial Intelligence by Business in Post Covid-19 Period” in the book titled Intelligent Systems and Methods to Combat Covid-19” ( from SpringerBriefs) (Accepted)
  • Nandy, M and Lodh, S (2020): Book Chapter: “Impact of Cognitive abilities on direct and indirect stock market participation before and after crisis” in the book titled “Financial Crises: Types, Causes and Consequences" (Accepted)
  • Nandy, M. and Lodh, S (2017): Book Chapter: “The Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards adoption on Earnings Management: Evidence from EU countries”, Nova Science Publishers, Inc Understanding Bankruptcy: Global Issues, Perspectives and Challenges

Policy response paper

  • Bosher H, Gurgula O, Stokes S, Wang F, Westenberger P, WIPO Impact of Artificial Intelligence on IP Policy Response from Brunel University London, Law School & Centre for Artificial Intelligence (2020)

Response of Brunel Law School & Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Dr Hayleigh Bosher

The UK Intellectual Property Office sought views on the implications artificial intelligence might have for IP policy. Hayleigh’s evidence argues that: 

  1. The analogy of copying someone’s work inside a human brain, is not an appropriate way of considering whether copyright protected works are infringed by AI.
  2. The test for copyright infringement in these circumstances needs to be adapted, in that it focuses on the AI ‘Producers’ (meaning the person responsible) activities (such as data input) rather than the output.
  3. It should be clarified in what circumstances the current copyright exceptions apply to AI processes.
  4. It needs to be considered whether or not private agreements could or should be made above or below any policy decision as to the ownership of copyright in AI-generated works.
  5. There should be a distinction between AI-assisted works and AI-generated works.
  6. Additional rights should be considered such as performance and moral rights. 

Read the full paper here.

Journal special issues

  • Samuel Fosso Wamba; Maciel M. Queiroz; Ashley Braganza (30/11/2019) AI in Operations and Supply Chain Management: Cutting-edge Technologies Creating Value in the Digitalisation Age, Journal: Production Planning and Control, ABS (3*)
  • Samuel Fosso Wamba; Maciel M. Queiroz; Ashley Braganza (15/02/2020) Artificial Intelligence in Operations Management, Journal: Annals of Operations Research, ABS (3*)
  • Tillson, J and Aldridge, D (eds) (2018) ‘Cheating Education: The coherence and desirability of technological human enhancement in educational contexts’, Educational Theory 68:6
  • Simpson, A.V., Panayiotou, A., Berti, M., Cunha, M.P., Kanji, S. and Clegg, S. (2021) Improvising as the New Normal during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Organizational learning-by-responding, power and paradox. Management Learning.

Grants and funded projects

  • Braganza, Ashley, Chen, Weifeng and Canhoto, Ana Gigification of work – the effects of AI on jobs £10,000 GCRF completed
  • Braganza, Ashley and Chen, Weifeng Health Care in India and UK – the impact of AI on Productivity, Employability and Business Models in Health Care Services £ 85,000 British Council and Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India (ongoing)
  • Braganza, Ashley, Chen, Weifeng and Canhoto, Ana Wealth Creator, Destroyer or Both? – examines the first, second and third order effects of AI £ 20,000 GCRF (ongoing)
  • Braganza, Ashley, Dora, Manoj and Mullins, Steve Employability skills – creating an employability curriculum to develop skills for the AI sector £ 120,000 Brisith Council / Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India (ongoing)
  • Canhoto, A.I. and Wei, Liyuan. UK residents’ perceptions of the COVID-19 contact tracing app - £500. Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Research Cluster (ongoing)
  • Dr H. Meng, Dr T. Kalganova, Intel Corporation, Spiking Sparse Distributed Memory Model and Its Implementation on Loihi Architecture, US$1,000 (2018-2020)
  • Dr H. Meng, Royal Society and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) - Differential Geometry and Deep Learning for Dynamic Facial Expression Analysis, £12,000 (2017-2019).
  • Dr H. Meng, EPSRC - Image Analysis for Complex Data in Non Destructive Testing, Industrial CASE project with TWI Ltd. £96,413, (2016 – 2019).
  • Dr T. Kalganova , Dr I. Dear, Dr. M. Abbod, European Commission, Modernization of Doctoral Education in Science and improvement of Teaching Methodologies: MODEST, £55,500 (2018-2021)
  • Dr T Kalganova European Commission, Development of Doctoral Education and Research Capacities of Kyrgyzstani Academia (DERECKA) - £77.500 (2020-2023)
  • Dr A Mousavi, Dr T Kalganova, AFSOR, Cognitively Inspired Agile Information and Knowledge Modelling (CALM) $409,000 (2020-2022)
  • Dr T. Kalganova, A Mousavi, US AFWERX, Microelectronics Supply Chain Provenance, £293,193 (2019) Dr T. Kalganova Intel Corporation, Autonomous Supply Chain, £66,818 (2020)
  • Dr T. Kalganova, Small Robot Company, Design and Implementation of AI system for fast and reliable week control, £45,000 (2020 – 2023)
  • M. N. Huda Coventry University (Cross-Centre International and Interdisciplinary Project Fund) “Development of a capsule robot for medical applications” worth of £10K in 2018-19. 
  • Canhoto, A. I. Using social media to develop doctoral researchers’ profiles, and the visibility of their research. TECHNE £740
  • Canhoto, A. I. The potential and limitations of contextual marketing for new ventures. PARSUK worth Eur 2,000


  • AI shaping pharma in real time, 28th January 2021
  • Theory and tools of AI, 3rd February 2021
  • Gigification, Psychological Contracts and AI, 23rd February 2021
  • Applications of AI, 3rd March 2021
  • AI in organisational contexts, 18th March 2021
  • Business Models and AI, 23rd March 2021
  • AI Case Study, 14th April 20201
  • Business Culture, Leadership Management and AI, 22nd April 2021
  • Issues of responsibility and intellectual property in AI, and Introduction to AI ethics, 12th May 2021
  • AI and Connecting Generations: Effects at Individual, Organisational and Societal Levels – Research Seminar series 
  • Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence – Research seminars series 
  • B:RAI 2020: Brunel: Robotics & AI Expo, 26th November 2020, in collaboration with BRES: Brunel Robotics Society