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We have a team of over 30 staff who are here to help you improve your employability by developing the skills and experience needed to stand out in the job market. 

Here's some more information about what we do, and how you can get in touch:

  • Our Careers team will help you explore your career options and provide a range of support and opportunities for you. Email careers@brunel.ac.uk 
  • Our Placement team will work with you to find, apply for and make the most of placement opportunities on your course.  Email placements@brunel.ac.uk 
  • Our Employer Engagement team are the first point of contact for employers wanting to engage with the PDC. They're responsible for organising events on campus such as the Autumn and Summer recruitment fairs, presentations and the Uncovered and Employer Pop-up events. Email employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk
  • Our Entrepreneur hub team can help your develop your business ideas, providing expert advice, workshops and events. Email hub@brunel.ac.uk
  • Our Job Shop team are here to help you find part-time work on-campus, in the local area and nationally. The team also act as the HR function for all students employed in on-campus positions. Email jobshop@brunel.ac.uk
  • Our Modern Languages team offers students the opportunity to learn a new language for free. Email modernlanguages@brunel.ac.uk