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Conference: Research on Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifecourse - Dr Ritu Sadana (WHO)

Brunel University London's Centre for Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifecourse (CHWL) are delighted to welcome Dr Ritu Sadana -- Head, Ageing and Health Unit, World Health Organization(WHO) -- to discuss: Global Perspectives on Research on Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifecourse

The combination of greater longevity and good health can allow endless variations on the traditional categories of the life course and enable new ways to pursue what WHO has called Healthy Ageing. This talk will highlight thinking around what evidence and commitments are needed to expand opportunities across the life course, to enable people to have greater choice to be and do what they value.

Findings from WHO’s recently released baseline report for the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing, sets the stage. But for this to be a truly transformative agenda, and unleash the potential of longer lives, research and evidence needs to address:

• When does healthy ageing begin? What are the underlying determinants?
• When and how should policies and actions be put in place?
• How do we build on existing policies, including those for younger people and adults?

Examples focus on health, education and work, that cumulatively benefit healthy ageing and build on earlier life stages. Ensuring all older people are included and participate in societies, is a fundamental issue for human development in light of population ageing and increasing longevity. This includes reframing of education–work–retirement practices and the approach to health and social care.

Dr Ritu Sadana is Head, Ageing and Health Unit, and responsible for life course trajectories, in the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health & Ageing at WHO. Dr Sadana led the development of the WHO Baseline Report for the Decade of Healthy Ageing.

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