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Visitors and Alumni

We welcome visitors to the Library, including: members of other academic institutions; Brunel Alumni; organised visits from schools and colleges; members of the public; Special Collections visitors; and academic collaborators. Please check the links below for details on these different categories.

Members of other academic institutions (SCONUL)

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal access scheme, granting borrowing privileges to many types of library users working or studying at participating higher education libraries in the UK and Ireland. 

SCONUL Access provides borrowing privileges for most:

  • Academic staff on open or fixed term contracts
  • Postgraduate research students registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification
  • Part-time, distance learning and placement students
  • Full-time postgraduates

SCONUL Access also provides for a reference only service (i.e. you cannot borrow resources) for most:

  • Full-time undergraduate students
  • Staff of a few higher education libraries not participating in the reciprocal borrowing arrangements

SCONUL Access does not provide access to electronic resources. However, we support the eduroam service. You can register for this with your home institution and use this service via your laptop to access your own institution's electronic resources. Further details can be found on the Eduroam website.

For more information see the SCONUL website or visit the Help Desk. 



Brunel Alumni

If you are a Brunel Alumnus and would like to continue using the Library, you are eligible for free reference membership, which provides you with access during our core hours. To use the Library in this way we just need to verify your alumni status (you'll need to show us your alumni card). We will also ask you to present a separate photo ID and sign in at the Welcome Desk.

Access the Library using your alumni card – these are free for all Brunel alumni. Simply email your name, your current postal address, year of graduation, your subject of study (and your student ID number if you still have it to hand) to the Alumni Team at alumni@brunel.ac.uk and they will post one out to you. Alternatively, call into the Alumni Office (Quad North, room 210) Monday - Friday, 10.00am - 4.00pm to collect one in person.

If you would like to borrow items, Alumni borrowing membership costs £20 per year, a saving of £60 on the standard charge, enabling borrowing of up to 6 long loan items at any time.



Due to licensing restrictions, we are currently only able to provide remote access to electronic resources to Brunel students and staff. Alumni members are also not permitted to log on to Brunel network via Wi-Fi or a networked computer.

Visitors to the library are permitted access to some, but not all, electronic resources via the Library's catalogue kiosks. However, some databases, such as market research reports and financial resources do not permit guest access. For more information, see 'Access to electronic resources' below.

If you are seeking access for personal, private study, and not on a commercial basis, then perhaps you may be granted visitor access to a university’s electronic resources close to you, or perhaps your national library may permit access to some electronic resources. It is certainly worth checking before you visit.

Visits from schools and colleges

We welcome organised visits from school and college groups wanting to refer to our Library resources at the University campus. We are keen to offer you a range of options for your visit to best suit the needs of your group.



Members of the public

If you are not covered by SCONUL but would like to use the Library, we offer external memberships at two rates. Reference membership costs £25 per year, whilst borrowing membership is £80 per year. This provides a borrowing privilege of up to six long loan items at any one time. 

We also offer Day Pass access – if you have applied for a long term pass and are waiting for it to be processed this is free of charge, but we do ask for a returnable £10 deposit to cover the cost of the card. In all other cases a Day pass will cost £10, which isn’t returnable.

When you come to the Library please bring two forms of ID with you, one of which must contain a photograph, and one with your home address on it.


Academic collaborators

If you are an academic visitor to Brunel and have already been issued with your Brunel ID card, please ask the School that you are visiting to provide us with written confirmation of your access requirements and we will set up your membership.


Wi-Fi and computer access

Brunel University London is a member of eduroam (education roaming via Jisc Connectivity). This service enables members from participating higher education institutions to connect to their home networks using Wi-Fi-enabled devices while they are visiting Brunel. Please ensure you register for this service with your home institution before your visit.

For the avoidance of doubt, except for academic collaborators during their time at Brunel, other categories of visitors are not permitted to log on to Brunel network via Wi-Fi or a networked computer.

Access to electronic resources

Due to licensing restrictions, we are currently only able to provide remote access to electronic resources to Brunel students and staff. However, visitors to the library who possess a valid pass will be able to access certain electronic resources, via the library catalogue kiosks on each floor, provided the licences permit "walk in" or guest access. If a licence does not permit guest access then visitors will see a message stating that access is denied.

To avoid disappointment, you should check with the e-Library team to see if a licensed electronic resource would permit guest access or not before you apply for a visitor's pass (please give at least one working day's notice). The following resources do not permit guest access: Bloomberg, Datastream, Eikon, Fitch Connect, FT.com, LexisNexis products, Mintel products, O'Reilly Safari, Passport, SAE Journals and Technical Papers, T1.com, Westlaw. 

Finally, our Alumni members now have access to one resource, JSTOR (through a subscription to the Arts & Sciences I to IX collections and to the Health & General Sciences collection only, paid by the Alumni Office). Please sign on to the Alumni Portal for access, see: https://www.brunel.ac.uk/alumni/Brunel-Alumni/Alumni-benefits. Items on JSTOR which are not included on the subscription may be purchased via JSTOR for individuals - see JPASS - individual subscriptions to JSTOR.