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How can Co-Innovate Journeys help me?

There are several ways in which Co-Innovate Journeys can assist and support you in your business needs. Our aim is to connect your business to open innovation and research practices at Brunel University London. This will enable you to gain valuable insights from our knowledge assets such as students, academics and industry specialists. Our bright students will bring a fresh perspective to your innovation or business competitiveness needs. You will have an opportunity to work with our Innovation Champions who have academic expertise from different research departments such as design,engineering,business,computer sciences and etc. Our academic expertise provide specialised knowledge within their areas of research and interests. You can also benefit from our Innovation Directors' extensive industrial experience and insights which can greatly benefit you in acquiring the best advice and approach to developing your innovative ideas.

In particular, Co-Innovate Journeys will equip the participating companies with open innovation techniques and access to Brunel Academics, Students, laboratories, testing and prototyping facilities.

What we offer:

Being funded by the EU gives us the opportunity to provide free workshops for those beneficiaries who are eligible and sign up for the programme. These workshops are facilitated by carefully selected specialist covering areas from e-marketing to crowdfunding.

Our aim is to provide a flexible workshop programme that allows small companies to attend according to their needs and business schedule.

If you are interested in signing up for Co-Innovate Journeys, please email us so we can talk you through our registration process or tell us more about what you are interested in by filling in our online form.

We offer specialist knowledge and mentorship from our Innovation Directors, who are industry specialists with extensive knowledge of diverse industries and various challenges faced by SMEs. They will support you through your journey of developing an idea or supporting your business needs through mentorship. They will undertake the initial diagnostics of reviewing and identifying the barriers to your innovation needs and ideas. The mentoring process will continue throughout your journey with us ensuring there is a good alignment of your business needs with the innovation resources.

Our Innovation Directors provide advice regarding business and innovation challenges, so if you have an innovative idea get in touch with us so we can arrange a meeting for you with one of our Innovation Directors.

As a company you can gain value from collaborating with Brunel University London in many ways. Whether you are:

  • A recent Start-up with limited resources
  • An SME aiming to gain a competitive edge through innovative products/research OR
  • A charity, hospital or multinational interested in gaining a fresh perspective on a topic

You can gain valuable insight from collaborating with our undergraduate and postgraduate students whilst identifying world class graduates for future employment.  Collaborative projects benefit your business needs and also adds considerable value to a student’s education and career prospects, supporting the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.  

Projects can involve expertise, talent and resources from any area of Brunel such as; product design, computer science, psychology, electronic and mechanical engineering, business etc. Collaboration might include working with a final year undergraduate on a 400 plus hours ‘Major Project’ on a single innovation challenge or with postgraduates on projects linked to their dissertations.

All potential projects and the intellectual property arrangements are carefully discussed with the collaborating company, whilst the students are supported and guided weekly by the expertise of their academic tutor.

To find out more how you can collaborate as a business with Co-Innovate's knowledge assets email us at co-innovate@brunel.ac.uk