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Research projects

Group philosophy and ethos 

A vibrant, collegial, and international group of scholars (including both faculty and PhD students) engaged in leading-edge marketing research and scholarship. The group’s research activities seeks to meaningfully advance theory, practice, and also inform  research-informed marketing teaching in the business school. All marketing faculty are research-active and publish in leading academic journals.  

Over the last two decades the group has built up an international reputation for its scholarship apropos corporate brands, corporate identity, and corporate marketing. In addition, the research group are engaged in pioneering scholarship  apropos a diverse range of marketing topics including consumer acculturation and culture, CSR communications, corporate heritage, digital marketing,  marketing/PR history, marketplace cultures, and social media etc.  

List of our research projects:

  • Corporate Brand Communication of SME's in Malaysia (on-going) - Dr Sharifah Alwi, Dr Cristina Stoian and Professor John MT Balmer
  • Brand History in Great Britain (on-going)- Researcher: Dr Michael Heller
  • Guanzi and Acculturation (on-going) - Researcher: Dr Dorothy Yen
  • Digital Economy and Customer Insight (on-going) - Dr Ana Canhoto
  • Corporate Brand Management in Business Schools: significance of architecture and social identity theory (on-going) - Researchers: Dr M Foroudi, Dr R Mahmoud, Professor John M.T. Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen
  • Corporate Heritage Brands in China (on-going) - Researchers: Professor John MT Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen