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Research areas

Ar Sharifah Alwi: corporate branding/corporate brand equity and corporate brand image in   small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and within universities within Malaysia/South-East Asia.

Professor John M.T. Balmer:  corporate marketing, corporate brands, corporate heritage, and monarchical marketing.

Dr Ana Canhoto: the use of digital technology on customer insight (digital footprints/social media profiling);  the impact of technology on targeted interactions (popularisation of algorithmic decision making in customer interactions).

Dr Weifeng Chen: international business/marketing strategies of firms operating in/to/from China. Corporate heritage brands in china and business innovation.

Dr Jessica Cherlekis: culture and sustainability in modern market systems. Anthropological perspectives on markets and marketing.

Dr Geraldine Cohen: marketing management within Professional Service Firms (law, accountancy, architecture and design practices) and marketing innovation (development and promotion of new ideas, products, social constructs).

Dr Bidit Dey: the adoption and use of technologies in emerging economies and  consumer acculturation and co-creation of value.

Dr Marcia Ferreira: materiality and consumption of counterfeit fashion goods; consumption risk management practices and social legitimacy; and serial brands collection and community engagement.

Dr Dorothy Yen: the impact of guanxi on Anglo-Chinese B2B relationships and the importance of acculturation as expressed via food consumption.

Dr Michael Heller: employs the historic method in examining the rise of public relations, corporate communications and corporate branding in Britain in the inter war period with research focussing on  the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Prudential, Royal Dutch Shell, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Royal Mail and the John Lewis Group.