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About us

As one of London’s foremost and vibrant University research centres of marketing and corporate brand management, our research active faculty are engaged in cutting-edge  applied scholarship across a broad spectrum of marketing areas.

Mindful of the corporate brand tenets of both the Brunel University London, along with Brunel Business School, both of which are inspired by Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s peerless reputation as a pontifex, or bridge-builder, our research seeks to meaningful advance knowledge, learning, and practice. Therefore, a key requisite of our research philosophy is to advance both marketing theory and marketing and corporate brand management; make a significant societal impact; and inform marketing teaching within the business school vis-a-vis our research-led teaching.

Finding a common focus and inspiration in the centuries-old heritage of the collegial English University tradition which emphasises  excellence in research, scholarship, knowledge- dissemination and PhD research-training, our faculty have impeccable international credentials.

Led by Professor John M.T. Balmer (Director) the group is international in scope and in addition to faculty members from England includes academics from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Hungary, Malaysia, Portugal, Taiwan, the USA.  The celebrated US corporate communications scholar, Professor Stephen A. Greyser, is a Visiting Professor within the group.

Marketing and corporate brand faculty variously hold degrees from leading British (Cambridge, Durham, Leeds, London, London School of Economics) and foreign Universities (Harvard USA,  Indiana USA, University of Malaya, Malaysia) and many of us have undertaken advanced studies at top business schools in England and beyond.(BBS Brunel, HBS Harvard, INSEAD Paris, DUBS Durham, LBS London, MBS Manchester, and SBS Strathclyde, Scotland).

Our research group’s global reputation and profile means that we attract top-notch research PhD research scholars from around the globe. Faculty enjoy an international reputation for their PhD supervision. 

The research group utilises a wide-range of research approaches including survey-based and large data research, case study enquiries, grounded theory, psychology, sociology, critical perspectives, anthropology, and the historical method.

As a consequence of a strategic initiative circa 2005 the Business School undertook a number of initiatives leading to the Marketing Research Group acquiring an enviable global profile in the corporate brand, corporate identity, and corporate marketing areas. This has resulted in the appointment of prominent scholars in these fields and the appointment of the first ever chair of corporate marketing in the world.

In addition, to the above, faculty are engaged in pioneering scholarship  apropos a diverse range of marketing topics including consumer acculturation and culture, CSR communications, corporate heritage, digital marketing,  marketing/PR history,marketplace cultures, and social media etc. 

Research away-days and workshops for both faculty and doctoral students are some of the events organised by the group. 

As a research-active community of scholars we publish in leading marketing journals such as The European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, Marketing Theory and other prominent journals such as Business Ethics Quarterly, Business History, California Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics etc.