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About Brunel HIVE

Brunel Hive is a unique business growth platform in the UK

Powered by Brunel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Brunel Hive drives sustainable collaboration between world-class names, such as Ford, and ambitious scale-ups across the capital. Brunel is a forward-looking university in a new global world - a world where innovation and entrepreneurship shape our everyday existence.

Brunel Hive brings together seemingly unconnected businesses and opportunities to create long-term, sustainable value. One key aspect of this work involves connecting SMEs with the supply chains of large, global companies, through academic and market research. This work, together with many other engagement strategies, positions Brunel as a leading academic and business support institution in London and globally.

We look forward to developing and strengthening relationships with institutions across the globe. Welcome to Brunel, and welcome to Brunel Hive.

Brunel Hive helps us deliver the best possible growth solutions for UK and international businesses
Professor Julia Buckingham - Vice Chancellor and President, Brunel University London