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Academic Spotlight

Academics at Brunel Medical School are dedicated to ensuring that students are able to study the most up-to-date medical curriculum.

“We are designing state-of-the-art learning resources so that our medical students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and professional acumen to be competent, informed, and empathetic medical practitioners.”

Professor Westwood’s experience spans the diverse contexts of Higher Education (HE) borne out of her commitment to curriculum design, and shaping an environment where learners can flourish.

Olwyn spotlight

     “My career began in routine diagnostic hospital pathology, followed by a Ph.D degree taken within the Department of Obstetrics at Guy’s Hospital, London (now King’s College London).  My research and pedagogic practice have been chiefly across the National Health Service (NHS) and HE, working and collaborating with scientists and clinicians.”

A successful transition into pedagogic practice and research led naturally to university academic and leadership roles. As an enthusiastic educator, she is keen that disciplines are accessible across the range of student demographics, and relevant and transferable to the 'world of work'.

     “With 10 years’ experience as a visitor for the UK’s General Medical Council, and council membership of the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions, illustrates my dedication to, and knowledge of, education quality assurance and enhancement.” 

With around 30 years’ experience in education design and delivery, Professor Westwood has a keen interest in technology-enhanced learning and developing flexible learning frameworks.  Her cross-institution, faculty and external partnerships have facilitated her personal insight into the cultural, social and political requirements of professional and discipline-specific knowledge, skills, and assessment within the UK and for global education and research.

     “The role of Professor and Director of Medical Education for setting up a new medical school is my dream job. I am an enthusiastic medical educator, and love medical students for they are articulate, intelligent, and immense fun to teach!”

Professor Westwood is able to draw on her extensive experience in medical education that includes:

- Setting up the medical school curriculum and learning infrastructure at University of Swansea,

- Leading two successful General Medical Council audits of the Medicine awards at  Queen Mary University of London, exemplified by the Student Union recognising her dedication to the student experience, 

- International advisory roles for medical schools and curricula design within the UK which has taken her to Australia, Brunei, Caribbean, China, Georgia, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa.