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Annual Giving Campaign 2020

Donations to the Annual Giving Campaign make all the difference!

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 Gifts to the Annual Giving Campaign have immediate impact in enabling the University to extend financial support to every student who needs it, support excellence in teaching and research, and fund emerging opportunities for learning and discovery. Supporting a Brunel student, either at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, ensures that students across the University have access to our world class educational opportunities.

This year has been particularly challenging for everyone in many ways and our focus has been on ensuring all of our students can continue studies despite challenges and uncertainty. Our most urgent focus is raising funds for our Student Hardship Fund to provide immediate support to those that are facing financial hardship due to Covid-19. We are continuing to see a growing number of students affected and a gift of any size to the Annual Giving Campaign will provide vital help. 

Please help us support our students by making a donation today! 

Brunel students will be calling throughout late October and November and would be delighted to share the latest news from Brunel, as well as hear Alumni stories since leaving the University. Annual Giving is a tradition that links Brunelians of every generation and we hope that all who are able will share in this tradition.

To request a call from one of our students or to opt out of the Annual Giving Telephone Campaign, please contact the Alumni Office on alumni@brunel.ac.uk

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