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Timeline of Activity

This timeline provides a month by month, grouped into academic terms, breakdown of the work happening as part of the Student Success Project. Three end of year reports will also be produced, the first report covering 2016/17 is available to view here. The second year report covering 2017/18 is available to view here. Keep up to date on our latest activity via our social media platform and blog.

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Where possible, links for further information have been included. For more information about the broad aims of the projects please visit the about page. If you have any queries about the activities taking place or have suggestions for future work please email Abigail.Elliott@brunel.ac.uk




2019/20 Term 1 - September 2019 - December 2019

September 2019: 

  • Student Success Project Assistant joins the team
  • Meeting with the Student's Union to plan activities for the year
  • Developed an Inclusive Curriculum toolkit report 

October 2019: 

  • Collaborating with the Union of Brunel Students on the Black History Month campaign
  • Hosted a creative writing Workshop for mental health & wellbeing which was ran by Alumni
  • Screening of the documentry film 'Hidden Colors' for Black History Month
  • Hosted a diversity and Inclusion presentation for student reps 
  • Black Royalties collaboration with Student’s Union, African Caribbean Society, Ghanaian Society, Somali Society, Nigerian Society and Brunel West Indian Society. 

November 2019:

  •  Attended Anti-Racism and Decolonisation conference at Queen Mary University London
  • Attended the AccessHE BAME forum

December 2019: 

  • Evaluated 

2018/19 Term 3 - May 2018 - September 2018

May 2019:

June 2019:

July 2019:

August 2019:

2018/19 Term 2 - January 2019 - April 2019

January  2019:

  • New Head of Student Partnerships and Student Success joins the team
  • Attended and presented at the AccessHE BAME forum
  • Continuation of the Class of Brunel campaign rollout
  • SSP supporting in the preparation of the SSP funded symposium on the role of "diversity" and race in higher education

February 2019:

  • Creative Project Competition launches and it is open for the entire month
  • SSP initiated a call for Brunel students to perform at our closing event for the #LiberatedLibrary campaign and the Creative Project Competition
  • #LiberatedLibrary book suggestions purchased

March 2019:

  • Event: 'Decentring "Diversity": Practising Anti-Racism in the Global University' funded and supported by SSP
  • The closing event for the #LiberatedLibrary campaign and the Creative Project Competition, ART SLAM

April 2019: 

  • Attended and presented at the AccessHE BAME forum

2018/19 Term 1 - September 2018 - December 2018

September 2018: 
  • Meeting with the Student's Union to plan activities for the year
  • SSP had a stall in Fresher's Fayre and Student's Union to advertise the project to students

October 2018:

  • Supporting  the Union of Brunel Student’s Black History Month campaign
  • Screening of film “Bazodee” for Black History Month 
  • New Student Success Project Manager joins the team
  • Screening of film “Half Of A Yellow Sun” for Black History Month
  • Black Royalties collaboration with Student’s Union, African Caribbean Society, Ghanaian Society, Somali Society, Nigerian Society and Brunel West Indian Society. 

November 2018:

  • Lauched the #LiberatedLibrary campaign
  • Attended Access to Higher Education and Student Success Summit 
  • Attended Black Attainment Gap Roundtable
  • Attended the BME Attainment Gap Parliamentary Round Table held by ACAN 

December 2018: 

  • Attended the Graduate Employment Event held by Linking London
  • Attended a Dissemination event on small-scale ‘experimental’ innovation projects held by the Office for Students
  •  Initated the roll out of the Class of Brunel campaign

2017/18 Term 3 - May 2018 - September 2018

May 2018:

  • Attended and presented the Student Success Project video at the Student Led Teaching Award
  • Announced and presented the prize to the winner of the 2018 Creative Project Competition
  • Attended and presented at the AdvanceHE: Attainment Symposium in York

June 2018:

  • SSP worked on role models campaign with Brunel Alumni
  • NEON summit on data and widening participation
  • Improving student retention conference

July 2018:

  • Meeting to start planning Human Library with Student’s Union
  • Work with Bioscience department on curriculum report
  • UUK/NUS roundtable on ethnicity attainment gaps
  • Met new the union officers
  • Started planning for conference in spring 2018
  • SSP assisted at graduation Summer 2018

August 2018:

2017/18 Term 2 - January 2018 - April 2018

January 2018:

  • Commenced the planning of a rolemodels campaign to showase successful stories of Brunel Alumni
  • Attended and presented at the AccessHE BAME forum

Feburary 2018:

  • Attented and presented at the AccessHE London Student Outcomes conference
  • Liberated Library Book Launch event and poetry slam with special guest John Agard
  • Launched the Creative Project competition to all Brunel students on the theme of diversity in the curriculum and literature

March 2018:

  • Attended the second AccessHE BAME forum
  • Started planning the Academic Induction Tasks for September 2018/19 arrivals
  • Met with the Games Design team to discuss study skills game
  • Recruited the Student Success Project Assistant for 2018/19

April 2018:

  • Attended the Learning and Teaching Symposium at Brunel University London
  • Attended the AccessHE event on degree apprenticeships
  • Co-organised the black mental health event - Rap Association with the BME officer

2017/18 Term 1 - September 2017 - December 2017

September 2017:

  • Student Success Project Assistant joins the team
  • Meeting with the Student's Union to plan activities for the year
  • Attended AccessHE BAME Forum
  • Meeting with Head of Alumni to discuss showcasing stories of successful alumni

October 2017:

  • End of year review with key stakeholders
  • Paper to University Education Committee "Undergraduate Attainment by Ethnicity: Brunel and the Sector"
  • Stalls in the Student's Union to advertise the project to students
  • First 'Brunel Listens' session, an opportunity for students to discuss their barriers to success
  • Attended Higher Education Conference 2017
  • Attended and supported Black History Month events

November 2017:

  • Launched the second round of the Liberated Library campaign
  • Attended Access to Higher Education and Student Success Summit
  • Attended the AccessHE London Student Outcomes conference on student retention 

December 2017:

  • Launched a student survey to understand the support and guidance for final year students dissertation projects
  • Featured in the Vice Chancellor's address to all staff which highlighted the Student Sucess Project work and campaigns

2016/17 Term 3 - May 2017 - August 2017

May 2017:

June 2017:

  • Meetings with all (13) Heads of Department to discuss undergraduate attrition
  • Attended AccessHE BAME Forum
  • Presentation at College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences Education Day

July 2017:

  • First meeting of the curriculum working group
  • Impact evaluation of the work of the project so far

August 2017:

2016/17 Term 2 - January 2017 - April 2017

January 2017:

  • First Academic Staff Peer Network meeting, a peer group of academic staff interested in work on the attainment of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students
  • Contributed to discussions on reforming induction/welcome week
  • Focus groups with students on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic student experiences

February 2017:

  • Met with all 13 Directors of Teaching and Learning to discuss pre-arrival activities for students and assessment strategies
  • Paper to Senate with information about the project and progress to date
  • Trialled an Unconscious Bias training session for staff – feedback used to decide longer term plan
  • Focus groups with students on BME student experiences
  • Launched the #LiberatedLibrary campaign
  • Members of Academic Staff Peer Network offered funding for short term projects

March 2017:

April 2017:

  • Presentation and training session for Recognised Programme Developers
  • Paper to Senate: 'Monitoring Mitigating Circumstances, Complaints, Appeals and Misconduct Cases by Ethnicity'
  • Attended What Works: Student Retention and Success conference
  • Attended Equality Challenge Unit training: Achieving Race Equality in Higher Education day 2

2016/17 Term 1 - September 2016 - December 2016

September 2016:

  • Student Success Project Manager starts.
  • Introduction meetings with key members of professional services staff
  • Collated resources and literature
  • Met with Union of Brunel Students to set up partnership and plan for the academic year
  • Mapped the student journey and existing enhancement schemes

October 2016:

  • Met with all 13 Heads of Academic Departments to discuss project and provide department specific data
  • First Student Success Project Group meeting with key stakeholders. Project action plan approved.
  • Supported review of personal tutoring system
  • Developed assignment checklist for students
  • Contributed to mature students working group

November 2016:

December 2016: