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Our goal is to develop a sector-leading system of integrated health and social care for the people of Hillingdon and beyond, where care is increasingly delivered in the community and supported by advances in technology and the interface between hospital and community based care is seamless. 

Central to this goal is the creation of an Academic Centre for Health Sciences which will educate and develop health and care professionals with skills to work effectively in a different environment and support the delivery and translation of patient-centred research. Building on the aims of the original Academic Health Science Centres, our vision is to deliver cost effective, high quality care to patients and service users, and to create the conditions for improved health and wellbeing in partnership with the local community. 

The BPACHS will be part of a wider network of primary, community and care services that will flex and innovate in response to the changing physical, mental health and care needs of the local population.

BPACHS will be the vehicle through which research and education activity occurs. It will drive the training and development of the health and care workforce with the skills to meet the demands of health and care service of today but also developing the workforce to meet the requirements of tomorrow.