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Research and Innovation

Research and innovation has played a major role in transforming the health and care provision in the UK by brining great ideas into practice. Reviews also show that research activity within healthcare settings is linked to better patient outcomes. 

A key strand of BPACHS work is therefore focussed on increasing research and innovation activity, bringing the academics across many disciplines of Brunel University London together with health and social care professionals to research, design and test hypothesis and support professionals to adopt the best ideas.

Our focus

We play a pivotal role connecting, enabling and combining world-leading health and academic expertise with service, business and technical innovation to create positive impact on health and care delivery.


  • Increasing research activity through collaboration between academia and health and care partners
  • Creating collaborative partnerships with industry which benefit the acceleration of research activity
  • Developing a clear, effective and appropriate ethical research framework; and
  • Wherever possible, supporting a user-centred research programme that reflects the requirements and aspirations of the local community.


  • We adopt high value innovations into our health and care system. Underpinned by academic evidence and a clear understanding of community need
  • We provide an integrated care test bed where ideas can be developed, adapted and scaled with a holistic system review of impact
  • We help teams successfully plan for the future of health and care delivery

Further information can be found in our innovation strategy here