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2019/20 Timetable:

We are aware that some students are seeing a grey error box saying 'The requested page is not available'. This is because your information has not yet been pulled through to the Timetabling system. If you are affected by this please wait 24-48 hours before reporting it.

Please use the Course view to check your timetable. We are still allocating to groups so your personal timetable may currently be blank or incomplete.

The 2019/20 timetable is available for viewing here: Teaching Timetable 2019/20.

Please note:

The Timetabling team are receiving a higher than usual number of email requests for both the teaching timetable and room bookings. For teaching requests we aim to answer/action within a week.  We are prioritising meeting room request by date (planned booking date not received date).  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by these unavoidable delays.