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Course name UCAS/PG code Study mode Level
Media and Public Relations MA P210PMDPUBLC 1-year full-time; 2-years part-time Postgraduate
Medical Anthropology MSc L620PMEDANTH 1-year full-time; 2 or 2.5 years part-time Postgraduate
Micro-Nano Manufacturing PhD MICNANMANDFTD 3-year full-time; 6-year part-time PhD & Research
Military and International History BA
Placement offered
V102 3-year full-time; 4-year thick-sandwich Undergraduate
Military History MA V391PMILHIST 1-year full-time; 2 or 2.5-years part-time Postgraduate
Music BA
Placement offered
W300 3-year full-time; 4-year thick sandwich; 4.5 - 6-year part-time Undergraduate
Music PhD
MPhil option available
MURESPFTD 3-year full-time; 6-year part-time PhD & Research