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Nadia explains why choosing Brunel through Clearing was the best decision she's made

Nadia Minhas

Brunel had a lot of options available. I was able to make a decision that I knew I'd be happy with.

Nadia, Undergraduate

Environmental Sciences BSc

From UK

How did you find the experience of applying to Brunel through Clearing?

My clearing experience was very quick and I was able to make a decision in under an hour because of the support I got from Brunel’s clearing team. The clearing team were very friendly and patient. They didn’t rush me at all and gave me as much time as I needed to ask any questions and make my decision.

What attracted you to apply to Brunel through Clearing?

Brunel had a lot of options available. I was able to make a decision that I knew I'd be happy with, as I knew Brunel had all of my favourite courses that I may have wanted to pick!

Has Brunel made you feel welcome during your here?

I have felt very welcome at Brunel. I attended the Head Start week and made lifelong friends at the course. As it’s a week before freshers, I felt ready in terms of studies and with socialising. Head Start really did give me a head start!

How has your year of remote learning been? What are you looking forward to when you get the chance to return to campus?

It was actually a challenge to segregate work time with leisure time for me, but I mastered it in the end! I’m looking forward to meeting my friends. Study wise, I miss doing group activities.

Have you joined any student societies?

Brunel Islamic Society is my favourite society. Everyone is so kind and lovely.

What do you hope to get out of your placement year?

I would like to gain more confidence in myself and my academic abilities.

What have you enjoyed about your course so far?

I have enjoyed the field trips I have been able to go on. I have made lots of great memories on each of the field trips.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your Clearing experience with Brunel?

It’s a breeze. Best decision I have made choosing Clearing at Brunel.