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Placements help you to gain the all-important hands-on industry experience that is directly relevant to your degree, adding more value to your degree once you graduate. 

Our team of expert Placement/Internship Advisers will help you secure a placement through our well-established connections in the public and private sector, from a wide range of industries from financial institutions, government departments to not-for-profit organisations. 

Last year we helped over 900 students achieve placements, taken either during a whole year or in two separate periods of upto six months. 


Hear from some of our placement students about what you can expect from placements: 



Why a placement?

  • Increase your knowledge: Gain new perspectives, experience and enhanced skills that can only be achieved on a placement.
  • Achieve a better degree: Evidence clearly shows that a student who does a placement year achieves better final results than those who don’t.
  • Develop key skills: A great opportunity to develop proven personal and social skills within a workplace environment.
  • Make better career choices: Discover more career options and find out if you will truly enjoy working in a career before finishing your degree.
  • Get a graduate job: Gain a competitive edge by building real contacts and boosting your CV. Employers do value employees with more work experience.
  • Broaden your horizons: A superb opportunity to travel, learn a new language and experience another culture when you undertake a placement overseas.
  • Earn £££ while you study: Many placements offers competitive wages and are paid well.

How do I apply?

  1. During a lecture in the autumn term of your second year, you will meet the Placement and Internship Advisor that is assigned to your college. You will find out what placements entails, what students have done in the past and the type of placement jobs available.
  2. Complete a form and give it to your Placement and Internship Adviser in the PDC.

Your adviser will assist you from start to finish, from helping with your application, prepare for interviews and even a mock interview to ensure you are fully prepared.

Please contact us to find out if your course offers a placement and for more information.

Page last updated: Monday 17 July 2017