We are keen to work with organisations of all sizes across all sectors.

As well as access to Brunel’s excellent students and graduates, you also have access to the Professional Development Centre's facilities and knowledgeable staff to assist in your search for talent.

Our Careers Consultants, Placement and Internship Advisers and Employer Engagement Team can provide expert advice on appropriate recruitment strategies, and help you get the best out of our graduate and current student talent.

We regularly organise many smaller events on campus, giving you the opportunity to meet Brunel students and raise the profile of your organisation on campus. 

If you are interested in exhibiting at major events, the next Autumn Placement, Careers and Part-time Work fair will be held on Tuesday 31 October 2017 from 1-4pm. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to meet keen and talented students looking for full-time graduate jobs, placements and part-time jobs.  Exhibition spaces are limited, so please contact careers-fairs@brunel.ac.uk or phone the Employer Engagement team on 01895 265778 to secure a place or for more information.

Accessing Brunel Talent

Part-time / Temporary Jobs - Click here for everything you need to know about recruiting a student on a part-time / temporary basis -  If you require any further information please contact Jobshop@brunel.ac.uk 

Graduate opportunities – A graduate job or training scheme aimed at students who have either just recently finished their studies or who will be finishing their studies next summer. For more information please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

1 Year Placements - A validated work experience opportunity which forms part of a university degree programme (usually the third year, of a four year course). A one year placement is required to start between the months of June – September and last a minimum of 44 weeks. If you require any further information please contact placements@brunel.ac.uk 

6 Month Placements – Students undertake two separate 6 month placements over four years: the first in term 1 of their second year and the second in term 2 of their third year. - If you require any further information please contact placements@brunel.ac.uk  

Summer Internships - An eight to twelve week internship that runs between June to September. If you require any further information please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk 

Postgraduate Placements - It is the University’s strategic aim to offer placement to all postgraduate courses. Students studying MSc programme in Applied Corporate Brand Management, Management, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design, Data Science and Analytics, have the option of selecting a placement module after the taught programme. Placement is available to students who enrolled for the placement pathway only. For more information please email placements@brunel.ac.uk 

Widening Participation Internship Scheme - The Widening Participation Summer Internship Scheme is part of a government funded initiative, aiming to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups participating in higher education. The scheme aims to place first year students in 8 week internships in their summer break. These internships are paid for via a bursary from the university, with employers being asked only to help cover travel costs. For more information or to advertise an internship through the WPSIS programme please contact wpinternship@brunel.ac.uk

Mentoring: Women in Engineering - Mentoring brings huge benefits in personal development both to those who are mentored, and those who mentor. Many large organisations, including those in engineering, recognise this win-win situation, and run schemes for their own employees or for schoolchildren.

Mentoring for the Women in Engineering programme will put you, or your organisation, in contact with prospective employees with a technical education who are preparing for the workplace. As the ‘mentees’ will be academically qualified to pursue Chartered Engineer (CEng) registration, we are seeking mentors of at least equal standing (recognised professionals), although they need not be CEng.

 Mentors will be required to undertake our programme’s training, and agree to the code of conduct of the programme. There will be opportunities for mentors to network with each other. If you are interested in mentoring with the Women in Engineering programme, please contact the programme manager, Giselle Hayward at Giselle.Hayward@brunel.ac.uk


For all voluntary enquiries please contact Brunel Volunteers brunel.volunteers@brunel.ac.uk

Raise your profile

Careers fairs - We run two annual fairs, Autumn Placement, Careers and Part-time Work Fair in October and the Summer Placement, Careers and Part-time Work Fair in May. These popular and over-subscribed events help you to reach students and build your brand presence on campus.

Upcoming events:

Summer Recruitment Fair – 30 May 2017

October Recruitment Fair – 31 October 2017 

For more information or if you would like to book a space at one of our fairs please contact careers-fairs@brunel.ac.uk

Pop-up stands - Promote your company directly to Brunel’s student body with an exhibition stand located at the heart of the campus for free. For more information please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

Skills workshops - Build your brand presence by co-hosting skills workshops on topics such as CV writing, application forms, interview skills and other employment matters. For more information please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

Company presentations - Promote your placement and graduate opportunities through formal one hour presentations, either as part of the pre-placement module run by the Placement team, or included in our events programme. For more information please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

Uncovered events - These exclusive industry insight days offer you the chance to meet our students and share first-hand experience, including top tips for finding specific roles in your industry. For more information please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

Targeted mailshots - Our free service actively promotes forthcoming events and vacancies to targeted groups of students. If you would like us to promote an event or a vacancy please send details through to employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

Social media - If you would like us to promote workshops, events and companies on campus through Facebook and Twitter please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

InfoBytes blog – The Professional Development Centre (PDC) offer the opportunity to advertise your off-campus, careers-related events, competitions and other activities through our InfoBytes blog. Posts from the blog feed into our website to reach a wider audience. If you would like to publicise your career opportunities please contact careers@brunel.ac.uk putting ‘Blog post’ as the subject. 

Post guidelines:

  • We ask for a maximum of 350 words
  • The content needs to inform students and graduates rather than being a promotional opportunity - a maximum of two links to relevant external sites should be included
  • We like our posts to be logical, useful and interesting to read!
  • The content should be original and not duplicate information currently on the PDC website, or advertise products or services for gain or profit 
  • The content should not have been previously published
  • We may be able to include a photo or graphic (Please check that they are fully attributed and accredited.)
  • Editing: We reserve the right to edit or to reject posts

Webinars – If you would like to host a company or skills based webinar please contact careers@brunel.ac.uk

Sponsorship – Promote your organisation to thousands of students by adding your name to our innovative products and services. Sponsor one of our student information booklets. We have a variety of options to suit your budget. For more information please contact employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk


At Brunel we have always placed a high value on our personal contact with employers, and pride ourselves in our ability to offer you a bespoke recruitment service. We hope that the following resources will go some way towards answering any initial queries that you may have, but please do not hesitate to contact our Employer Engagement Team for further information.

Can you send me a list of suitable candidates and their CVs?

  • For both graduate vacancies and part time/vacation jobs, we will advertise the vacancy for you on our website free of charge and ask applicants to contact you direct. We are not able to provide CV selection.
  • If you have a placement vacancy, please contact the relevant Placement and Internship Adviser. We have a Placement and Internship Adviser for each discipline with subject-specific knowledge who will be able to assist with sending CVs and arranging interviews for you.

Can you email all students with details of our vacancy?

  • We do not email all students with all vacancies. If you would like us to promote a vacancy to a targeted group of students please send details through to employer.engagement@brunel.ac.uk

How can I advertise an off-campus events to your students? Who should I send information to?

  • We advertise off-campus events and activities that target Brunel students and graduates on the Professional Development Centre InfoBytes blog

I’d like to send some information about our organisation to you. Who should I send it to?

  • If you would like to send a brochure about your organisation, please mail it to:

Information Officer
Professional Development Centre
Bannerman Centre
Brunel University London
Middlesex UB8 3PH

  • If you wish to send multiple copies, we have limited space, so please send a maximum of 5 copies and one A4 poster. If you have any queries please contact 01895 266840.

Useful resources


Of course if you have your own ideas, please contact Employer engagement officer who will be happy to talk them through with you.

Advertise a vacancy

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