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Once you have applied to Brunel

When we receive your application we check that your grades are in line with our entry requirements and the Research Statement has met the university minimum requirements.  We then look at your personal statement and your reference to gain a better understanding of you as a person in terms of your suitability for your course, and we assess this in conjunction with your grades.

We will then send your application to the academic department for consideration by the supervisors. If you have indicated potential supervisors on your application form this will be sent directly to them and will speed up your decision.  All applicants will be interviewed by at least two members of academic staff, one of whom will be a part of the proposed supervisory team. The interview is conducted face-to-face, by phone,via Skype or other electronic means.

While you are waiting for a response from us:

  • You can keep track of your application using the My Application facility (You can also use this to check that your details are correct).
  • Follow us on Twitter @BrunelAdmission.
  • You can find out more about Brunel. Why not talk to current students on our Facebook page.
  • Decide if you would like to apply for accommodation on campus. (You can apply once you have a conditional offer).
  • We will usually respond to all applications by email initially. If you think that you might have missed an email that we sent you then please check that you contact details are correct on My Application, and if you still do not receive anything then please contact us.
  • If you have applied through one of our Agents, then details will also be sent to their offices, so be sure to check with them if you don't hear anything.

My Application: Online status check

If you have already applied to Brunel and would like to get an update of your application, you can use our My Application system.

To use my application you will need to have your student number (also called your applicant number). This is created when your application is added to our database ready for assessment. We will send your your applicant number by email automatically when this happens. Most applicant numbers will be seven digits long. This acts as your username.

If you have not logged in before your password will be your date of birth. This must be entered in the format DDMMYY. Once you have logged in to eVision you will be asked to change your password to something you can remember.

Log into 'My Application'

 Once you have logged in you will be able to do several things:

  • Check the status of your application. See below for a list of common application statuses.
  • Upload extra documents to your application.
  • Check that your personal details (Name, address and so on) are correct and submit an update for them if needed. If you move, or want details of your application sent somewhere else, this is where you can update these details.

Your application will be in one of five status:

  • Pending: Your application is still waiting to be assessed. We aim to assess all applications within two weeks, but some may take longer during the peak periods over summer.
  • Pending – awaiting further information: Your application has begun to be assessed but is missing some required information (for example transcripts). The missing information will be listed: please ensure that you get this information to us as soon as possible so that we can continue to assess your application
  • Conditional: We have made you a conditional offer, and you will need to meet the conditions to progress. For more information about Conditional Offers please see below.
  • Unconditional: You have met all conditions and been given an unconditional offer. For more information about Unconditional Offers please see below.
  • Unsuccessful: Unfortunately you application has not been successful – this is usually because you have not met the minimum requirements for your course. In most cases we will contact you to explain why you were rejected, and suggest an alternative course, if appropriate.

Conditional Offer   

If we've made you a conditional offer, congratulations! This is what you need to do next:

Step 1. Decide if you would like to accept the conditional offer

It is important that you let us know if you would like to accept your offer, as your place from the course may be offered to someone else if we do not hear anything from you.

    • Postgraduate students who have applied online must accept a conditional offer through My Applications.
    • Postgraduate International students who have applied through an official agent representative can ask them to accept on their behalf.
    • Postgraduate students who apply for more than one course at Brunel may accept multiple conditional offers. However you are only ever able to accept one unconditional offer.

Step 2. Meet all the conditions of your offer (and tell us)

The conditions your offer is based on will be listed in your conditional offer letter. You must meet all conditions before we can make your offer unconditional. The conditions will fall under the following categories:

    • Academic conditions: Such as passing your exams with a certain grade, and sending us a scanned copy of your certificate or award when you do, or providing us with valid references. The exact conditions will be listed on your offer letter.
    • English Language qualifications: All our courses have their required English language level listed in the 'Entry Criteria' tab under the courses section. If English is not your first language and you do not meet the requirements for your course then you may want to consider one of our Pre-sessional English courses, or taking a Brunel English Language Test.
    • Passport: If you are an intentional student you must send us a scanned copy of your passport if you have not already. We need your passport information as we are required by law to pass these details to the UK government before we can give you a CAS number, which you need in order to apply for a visa. We also need to make sure your details are correct on our system.
    • Deposit or Official Sponsor Letter: If you are an Intentional fee paying student you must pay a £3,000 deposit to confirm your place on the course, or proof of Official Sponsorship. Some exceptions are Distance Learning and Intensive foundation and English language courses, which have their own requirements. Find out how to make a payment to Brunel.
    • ATAS: For Intentional students a small number of Postgraduate and Research courses require you to apply for ATAS. You only need to do this if your offer letter says you need it.
    • Length of Study Form: For Intentional students UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) have introduced new limits on the maximum time you can study under a student visa, see UKVI website for further details. All students will need to complete this short online form about any prior study before we can issue a CAS.

As you meet the conditions of your offer remember to let us know, so that we can make your application unconditional. Once you have a conditional offer you are also able to apply for accommodation on campus.

Unconditional Offer

Congratulations if you have an unconditional offer and we look forward to welcoming you to Brunel. Before you get here though there is still a lot to sort out:

Decide if you would like to accept the unconditional offer

It is important that you let us know if you would like to accept your offer, as your place from the course may be offered to someone else if we do not hear anything from you.

    • Postgraduate students who have applied online must accept an unconditional offer through My Applications.
    • Postgraduate International students who have applied through an official agent representative can ask them to accept on their behalf.
    • Postgraduate students who apply for more than one course at Brunel may accept multiple conditional offers. However you are only ever able to accept one unconditional offer.


Apply for Accommodation 

Timescale: as soon as you are issued a Brunel Student Number (but will not be allocated until you are unconditional) 

With a high intake of students for the full academic year in September of each year Brunel cannot guarantee it will be in a position to offer campus accommodation at other points during the session.  Limited availability is therefore determined by some students vacating their rooms early during session, but this is unpredictable. If you would like to add your details to the Accommodation Office waiting lists please on the online application form and the Accommodation Office will contact you if suitable accommodation does become available. If you are unable to commute until a campus room becomes available or you are seeking accommodation for you and your family please contact Brunel Student Homes who will be happy to assist you in looking for local off-campus accommodation. 

To find out more please visit accommodation at Brunel or visit the Accommodation Services Question and Answer Centre

Apply for a Student Visa 

Timescale: We recommend that you start to prepare as soon as possible, but you are not permitted to make the visa application more than 3 months before your course starts. 

If you are an International student in order to apply for a Tier 4 General Student Visa, you will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number. This is a unique number that we can only send to you after your offer has been made unconditional. We will usually send you your CAS with your unconditional offer – you do not have to request it separately. The first CAS we issue you with is free, however if you need a different CAS number issued (if for example you change your course after being made an unconditional offer) then an administration fee is charged. A CAS is valid for six months but can only be used in a visa application three months before the course starts. We will therefore not issue one until around three months before your course starts. If you are unsure as to how to apply for a student visa, or whether you need one, please contact Admissions.  

You must have a valid visa, or a specific letter from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), when you come to registration, otherwise we will not be able to enrol you on your course. Find out more. 

Think about attending an Brunel Language Centre Pre-sessional English Course 

Timescale: Courses run starting in April to July and finishing in September for September Entry and starting in July to October and finishing in December for January Entry If English is not your first language and you would like to improve your English language, and settle into life in the UK before starting your degree, then Brunel Language Centre's pre-sessional course is for you. The focus on the use of the academic English you will need to excel in your course, and include a fun social programme. Find out more about pre-sessional courses. 

Get your passport ready 

Timescale: Before registration All applicants at Brunel must show a valid passport at Registration regardless of what country they are from or what course they are studying. If you do not yet have a passport please apply to have one to be able to bring it to Registration. If you have an expired passport and the photograph is still clearly you then this will be acceptable for the purposes of Registration. 

Complete your Online Task 

Timescale: Before registration The online task is the first part of your registration at Brunel. By completing it you will cut down on a lot of the queuing that takes place at registration and save yourself time. You will be sent information about Registration when you have an unconditional offer close to your Registration date. 

Read the other information we send you 

Timescale: When you receive it Brunel will send you lots of information in email or print format over the summer. As well as details of everything listed above you will also be sent: 

  • Subject specific information from your department
  • Accommodation information
  • Brunel Language Centre will send your their own pre-departure information if you are attending a pre-sessional course

Further information 

For comprehensive information, please see our Application FAQ’s